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Nicolás Emden 'Como Los Pájaros'

South American, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Nicolás Emden comes from a city called Osorno, at the beginning of Patagonia. From his travels, studies and experiences, he is an artist with a rich pallet to draw from. Nicolás is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston and is currently the Music Director/Conductor for Popular Music Ensembles and Contemporary Music Theater. Songwriter, composer, conductor, director, singer, and instrumentalist - Nicolás proves that he can pull all his talents together to create a lasting impression in his latest ten-track CD, 'Como Los Pájaros.’

The first song off the CD is “Hace Tiempo.” The song starts off with a rocking acoustic guitar lick accompanied by a pulsing drum hammering the beat. The pattern loops until the entrance of the first verse. The arrangement gives the song a cool edgy feel. As the song moves into the first chorus, the sound fills out with layered guitars making a nice foundation with a great groove. The song progresses and builds throughout its entirety with the addition of strings, vocal harmonies, and additional percussion. The lyrics speak about inner transformation and Nicolás delivers with great expression using dynamics and articulation to enhance his performance. “Hace Tiempo” is a great opening song that will get you hooked.

Next up is “Como Los Pájaros,” which is the title track of the EP. This up-tempo, high energy song is sure to stick in your musical memory with its engaging and fun instrumental arrangement. The song begins with a brief acoustic guitar intro that then breaks, bringing in the first verse and percussion. “Como Los Pájaros” is a song about taking a breath, exhaling, to enjoy life around you and it does just that as it is a song that is easy to tune into and enjoy. Emden sings, “De vez en cuando necesito respirar/Echarme un rato en el parte a conversar/Como si fuera la última.” Through its good vibes and colorful arrangement, this catchy song is sure to brighten your day and put a smile on your face, and without a doubt, you will be playing it over and over. With mass appeal, this title track is a chart topper.

Take a moment to kick back and enjoy the video.

Track Four, titled “Antes,” changes up the mood entering with a delicate finger style guitar line which is soon joined by percussion and ambient, eerie sounds fading into the background. The vocals enter with a smooth, soulfulness that accentuates the mood of the song striking at your core. Throughout the CD, Emden shows his sophistication as an artist. Every nuance is attended to and in “Antes” the vocals are intimate, reflective and passionate. With the later addition of electric guitar with stunning effects combined with the intriguing melody of the chorus makes “Antes” a beautifully unique song that is a fantastic addition to the EP.

In the below video, Emden gives a dynamic performance of the song "Antes."

Moving over to track eight, is the song “Todo se transforma en mi.” This song enters with melodic classical-esk guitar accompaniment along with Emden’s vocals. It is highly moving and the simplicity of the arrangement showcases Emden’s vocal control with gorgeously smooth transitions from his falsetto to his chest voice, displaying a shimmering timbre in his voice. The simple accompaniment throughout the song allows Emden’s raw talent to shine through. The last track on the CD is called “Natura.” It starts out with a synthesized chord that fades out to a guitar accompanied by percussion. A violin plays in unison with Emden’s voice creating a lovely duo between voice and instrument. Emden’s singing is heartfelt and genuine.

In Como Los Pájaros,’ Nicolás Emden has written the kind of CD that both musicians and non-musicians will appreciate with gorgeous arrangements, catchy melodies, nice grooves and a vocal talent that demonstrates emotional artistry. Throughout the CD there are great grooves to move to and the overall vibe is engaging. 'Como Los Pájaros' is proof that Emden's music has the potential to reach out to a wide audiences and big stages. In addition to great songs, Emden also has a wonderful performance style and he is extremely handsome, something the ladies will surely like as well. From engaging instrumental work to polished vocals, Emden will not leave you disappointed. To listen to all ten track of Emden’s CD, find ‘Como Los Pájaros on Itunes. For more information on Nicolás, visit his website.

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