• Bryon Harris

M’Lynn – ‘Grounding’

M’Lynn is a young, aspiring indie-soul artist out of Dallas. Coming from a musical family, she spent a large portion of her childhood in old bars, restaurants, and other venues listening to her parent’s classic rock bands. M’Lynn was influenced by artist such as Carol King, Linda Rondstat, and Stevie wonder leading her to enroll at the prestigious Booker T Washington High School for Performing Arts. There she performed in Jazz and R&B ensembles which helped her in creating her Soul-Pop sound. Her debut EP titled, ‘Grounding,’ is a great introduction to her music.

The first song off the EP is “Gave All My Love Away.” The song beings with a pleasant piano progression accompanied by light percussion. Lead in by the kick drum, M’Lynn enters singing, “I feel out of control/Without support systems,/Catastrophe rolls through my veins./I’m unmanageable, idealistic and twisted,/My heart takes control of my body,” showcasing her smooth, bright vocals through soulful melodies and crisp runs. As the song progresses an builds, it continues to display the amazing qualities of M’Lynns voice with a stick-in-your-head pop sensibility everyone can love.

M’Lynn follows up with another stellar track, “Lost Generation.” One of the most engaging aspect of this track is its instrumentation. Starting with ambient synths accompanied by a killer bass line, as the song progresses, it evolves into a jam of keys, infectious guitar riffs, huge backing vocal harmonies, and horns. In “Lost Generation,” M’Lynn tackles the subject of growing up as a Millennial and the struggles of the generation in this eloquently sung, relatable song.

Next up, M’Lynn takes a more classic R&B approach on the outstanding track, “Just Take Time.” With a soulful blend of horns, electric guitar, ecstatic bass, and a polished drum beat, this track is sure to be a fan favorite. With engaging rhythms, M’Lynn’s soothing vocals fuse perfectly with the instrumentation creating a magnificent musical sensation. Later, M’Lynn unleashes her vocal prowess with pristine vocalizes, and clean high-notes. This distinguished track shows a beautiful side of M’Lynns artistry and songwriting.

Laslty, I want to mention her song “Tomorrow,” a sultry soul-infused acoustic-fronted love ballad that is sure the send shivers up your spine. Singing, “Wait for tomorrow/You wish I will be better/can’t promise I’ll be better for you/Wait for tomorrow/I’ll sleep and I’ll feel better/You’ll sleep and you’ll forget me tomorrow,” M’Lynn’s soft yet emotive vocals will strike at your heart with memorable melodies. Featuring a powerful instrumental section that leads into a huge ending, this song gives another reason to fall in love with M’Lynns music.

M’Lynn’s ‘Grounding’ EP features a total of five radio ready songs that are sure to blow you away. This rising artist makes for easy listening with her soft, soothing vocals and top-notch instrumental arrangements. Her music is available via Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and CDBaby. For more information on M’Lynn, visit her website.

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