• Bryon Harris

Django Riders - 'Friction'

Did you know that the term boogie has been around since the 1800’s? Historians say it originated from blues piano. Thankfully Django Riders were inspried to keep the boogie alive. From the state of Tennessee, the Django Riders are all about funk and soul. Together, Jay Cathcart (lead vocals/rhythm guitar); Josh Gentry (drums); Daniel Raymond (bass) and Tim Cathcart (lead guitar) are doing what they do best – playing dam good funk-soul music. It’s been awhile since a band has put out a song about “boogie” and fans of funk will surely welcome the boogie back with “Friction.” This song offers R & B flavored vocals who kick it with some nice falsetto spice, great back-up harmonies and low bass singing for a full scale vocal performance that is fun to listen to.

Friction is like going down a guitar slide and landing in a pool of funky-soulful rock. Tobacoo hot musicianship permeates the track. There's an old-school funk vibe reminiscent of the kind of music you might hear from bands in the United We Funk All Stars and even artists like Prince that's fun to hear. The song is highly melodic with catchy melodies you will love. With Django Riders, the guitar takes center stage playing the bands tight rhythmic leads joined by strong walking bass lines and nice smooth percussion. Breakout sections with jamming content keep the boogie boiling over.

The chorus to “Friction” says it all! “Let’s Boogie F-F-F Friction we got the cure for your condition Let the music take you over, move, awaken your suspensions If the groove hits you right stay awhile, you got time come on Just let the boogie be your friend and then go head and get up, give in.”

Django Riders combine old-schoolsensibilities with a shiny attitude and heartfelt message. For this band, it’s about two things: straight up great funk music you can boogie to and a message you can think about long after the boogie lights dim. With this winning combination, Django Riders have something hot for your body and your soul and it’s all good – very good.

For more information on Djano Riders, visit their website.

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