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Rasky Sadagr - 'Bad Scene' (Original Mix)

Working in Germany and hailing from Lithuania, Rasky Sadagr is a dark electro music wizard who makes his music from sounds he samples from everyday life. With his music tracking software and equipment, he creates dense and diverse sonic landscapes. As he would say it, he collects “voices and noises” as the foundation of his work.

Rasky draws inspiration from: Alexander Brandon, Jesper Kyd, Andrew Sega, Depeche Mode, Gesaffelstein, Richie Hawtin, Marc Houle, H.R. Giger, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Andrei Tarkovsky, H.P Lovercraft, DOOKOOM Ava Gardner and 90's Street Culture. His name, Rasky Sadagr, came to him in a dream sealing his artistic title. His first demo was “Hotline Europe followed by “Sacrifice I and Sacrifice II.” Bad Scene is a single off Sacrifice II release in 2018 – Listen and be transported, tranced out, and

Bad Scene (Original Mix) opens with female vocalese repeating on a few mono-syllables over a deep sub-base and beat. Each syllable lands systematically and precisely on the rapid downbeat moving the track forward. Soon the mix starts to introduce new elements that will pop in and our of your mind. This kind of composition reminds me of electronic counterpoint, it is woven and intricate. The audio sensation is a cacophony of color and texture for the ear.

Each electronic sample has its own unique sound, but the sounds you hear are not a traditional or organic in nature – they are entirely fabricated by their creator– Rasky.You are hearing noises you have never heard before. Everything is new. One sample sounds like a coiled-up spring. Another sounds like metal lids thrashing in the distance. There is a hollow drum tap. The rhythms are equally engaging creating a syncopated tapestry.

Suddenly the tapping comes to the forefront of the mix. Here, we hear our first melodic lines lightly played on top of the mix. These melodic episodes feel like little lights flashing on and off adding light to the heavy trance-like foundation. The track is mesmerizing. Then at the very last breath, we hear a female voice say “Mother Fucker.” It can’t end any better than that.

Dive into Dark Electro with Rasky Sadagr and learn more about his music on his website.

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