• Bryon Harris

Retched - 'The Overlord Messiah'

Retched is a no frills thrash metal guy who draws influcence from bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. He’s keeping it True Metal paying homage to Old-School Metal To do this, the core of Retched is guitar driven metal that takes you deep into a fantasy world where good vs. evil plays out at the hands of a destructive Lord who is destroying villages and land. To enter the realm, listen to the single, "The Overlord Messiah"

The Overlord Messiah commences with a heavy thunder storm. You can hear thunder and pouring rain. The vibe is intense. Quietly there is a beat tapping. Then, mysteriously, an unexpected acoustic guitar begins fingerpickin, and you hear a haunting whisper. This introduction is very intriquing and a great way to open the song. Listeners are completely drawn in.

Within moments, the song bursts wide open with a full wall of metal. Sharp, cutting rhythm guitar takes over, interlaced with bleeding guitar riffs that cut through the distortion. The beat is very solid making for a really good head- banging metal experience.

Retched uses many tools when he sings to create tension and drama. He has a great falsetto scream, a rough, throaty voice, and a haunting laugh. - “High up on the mountain, King of all the land, ruler of the people, in the Kingdom of the Sins…” He goes sings the story about an overlord marching to war and you can feel it in your veins.

Half way through, the guitar chops come in. Retched plays a jamming section that runs the guitar fretboard and shows his skill as a guitarist The guitar feels like lightening in the storm. You will love the ending to this song when Retched slows things down in large stomping phrases, like a monster who is dim inishing, then returns to the guitar picking once heard in the intro. Is all well? Or has the village been conquered? Listen and find out.

For more information on Retchec, please visit his website.

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