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Washburn and the River - 'Blind Light'

“Blind Light” is the newest single from indie-folk artist Washburn in the River, from the debut album Fear of Fallow Season's Greetings (releasing March 15th). It’s a song about learning to letting go. Not an archetypal song about losing a lover, but rather a song about turning away from judgment, voices of self-doubt and self-negligence. In essence, “Blind Light” is about submitting to one’s inner harmony and self-love.

Washburn and the River is the indie/experimental folk project of Jake Rosenburg. Jake

takes inspiration from prolific folk artists such as Bon Iver, Department of Eagles and

The Tallest Man on Earth. Jake honed his writing through collaboration, self-exploration,

and years of refining his sound. The result is his debut record Fear of Fallow Season’s

Greetings. It is evident from the title that the album encompasses themes of growth

after a period of idleness or self-reflection.

“Blind Light” opens beautifully. Intricate fingerstyle guitar patterns and harmonies are

woven between synthesized, melodic phrases. Jake's guitar playing will have you

spellbound throughout, whilst the delicate and refined sounds of synthesized atmos

seep through to fill the air. The single offers both organic and synthesized elements,

joining the two worlds seamlessly.

Vocally, Jake gives an intimate performance. His voice is rich and subtle, injecting

coffeehouse vibes into the track. The percussive nuance on the wood of the guitar gives

the song the flavor of a live performance.

The chorus showcases Jake’s unique poetic perception and lyrical expression. “To burn the burden from our backs, that scorching sun won't turn us on. Blind light come put me on.” “Blind Light” allows the listener the freedom of self-interpretation. I found duality in the song. Burning the burden from our backs suggest that the writer is carrying a heavy burden. There is the scorching light (external) and a healing light (internal). The scorching light references the outside world’s intense grip and the blind light is self-preservation, found within.

Washburn and the River’s “Blind Light” is the seamless unity of poetry and music that flows from the pen and the guitar.

For more information on Washburn and the River, please visit their website their website.

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