• Bryon Harris

Labán - 'Quién da Más'

Hailing from Tijuana in Mexico City. Labán is a singer-songwriter who started piano at a very young age. The heart of his music is social justice and the soul is his smooth vocals and his poetic lyrics. Each song Labán writes is a gift that speaks softly and carries a big message. This gift was given to Labán who encouraged an education in humanism and social entrepreneurship. Labán is currently releasing singles in advance of his upcoming debut album, Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí. The first single "Dueños de Aquí was about corruption and poverty. His latest single, Quién da Más", is a about the struggle to follow your convictions or you calling in a materialistic world.

Labán s heartfelt “Quien da Mas” opens with four bars of a grooving guitar riff accompanied by bass and tight drums before the entrance of Laban’s soothing and inviting vocals. Singing, “Cada vez que demando el porqué Tú quién eres y quién vas a ser No hay camino que pueda escoger aparentemente,” his poetic words, full vocal tone and smooth melodies are sure to entrance all who listen.

Everything comes together in this song to give it a nice groove from the tasteful guitar phrasing to the crisp percussion. The masterful guitar talent is played by John Prentice of Nashville.The bouncy yet mellow production of the song makes for an intriguing and pleasant listen

Quién da Más means “Who offers the most.” This song was inspired by the emotional struggle of choosing between something you are required to do in order to get by and something you love to do. This theme will resonate universally as so many of us live for the weekend and struggle with dayjobs that feel less than meaningful.

Labán reflects these emotions through his music. Songs about social justice have been a fabric in society since music was born. Social commentary in music crosses all genres- blues, rock, jazz and folk. But there is something really special about Labán’s style as he lets the listener enjoy the music while the poetry is absorbed.

Quién da Más has a strong message about liberation and repression and in many ways, the song itself is liberating for the ears and the mind.

Make sure to check out “Quien da Mas” from Laban and other great songs on his website.