• Bryon Harris

Art Tawanghar - 'We Won't Be Broke Forever'

Art Tawanghar is an award-winning and Billboard charting musician and composer. His music encompasses multiple genres including New Age, World, EDM and Electronic. Tawanghar’s music is an amalgamation of electronic production, live instrumentation, and a variety of wide-ranging cultural influences. Working independently and collaboratively (with the Majorhitrecords label), Tawanghar released his spiritually inspired album Soul of the Earth in 2016. The following year, he released Buddha Lounge, an instrumental album melding mellow beats and synthesizer tones with meticulously arranged parts for harp, oboe, and other engaging instruments less commonly found in electronic production. The album ranked in Billboard's 'Top Independent Albums' chart.

His latest single, “We Won’t be Broke Forever” is a great way to introduce yourself to Art Tawanghar’s memorable, meaningful and moving music. “We Won’t be Broke Forever” is hailed as one of the best inspirational R & B songs written about hope and it lives up to this description with an impressive track and vocal performance you won’t soon forget. The song opens with a resonating electronic chord that perfectly sets the entrancing vibe. Elle Vee enters at the start with an extraordinary smooth and expressive vocal tone. She sings the first lines, “Kill me now. Get it over with. I don’t wanna sleep without you. Broken down, I’ll never get over it.” Elle’s vocals can stand side-by-side any major pop artist in the industry today. Her tenderness draws you in; she's mezmerizing. With a subdued power and a wide dynamic range, her vocal control is exquisite. Within the first twenty seconds of the song, it is apparent that a hit single has been written - the track is engaging on every level. This is not formulaic or paint by the numbers music – this is an artistic electronic composition filled with advanced compositional nuance that develops seamlessly from beginning to end; the effect is a smooth, electronic R & B track that you will get hooked on from the start. The chorus seals the deal with material that is contagious and uplifting. “We won’t be broke forever” is repeated four times until the track bursts wide open to the lyrics “We light up, light up, on the weekends. We light up light up, me and my friends, we light up.” This is a powerful and exhilarating moment in the song.

As the verses develop, the track picks up with an addictive groove that runs through your veins; the jam literally flows through you inviting you to move to the beat. The stellar production and mix give the song a modern, radio-ready sound that is chart worthy.

“We Won’t Be Broke Forever” is a universal remedy for the times in your life when you feel broken. This song is for everyone because to be human is to experience moments of defeat. “We Won’t Be Broke Forever” encourages us to look at the temporary nature of our brokenness with the message that we won’t be broke forever; we can still light up.

With inspirational, timeless lyrics and a hit track, “We Won’t Be Broke Forever” will surely light you from within while it also lights up the dancefloor, the radio waves and the charts. To hear more great music by Art Tawanghar, please visit Soundcloud.

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