• Bryon Harris

Sons of Levin - 'Six Foot Seven Blues'

"Six Foot Seven Blues" commences with plenty of swagger on an electric guitar riff played by Connor Levinson. Immediately, a soulful groove is created. Dylan Levinson enters singing with some slight vocal effects that give the sound a great blend. “I may be crazy and rude, I'm just ahead of the ruse, a man perfectly placed for this decade. So when the bomb is dropped, you'll want to be on top, Babe I got them 6 foot 7 blues. I may be 5 foot 1 but I'm a whole lotta fun.” The entertaining lyrics are just part of what makes “Six Foot Seven Blues” a very tall achievement.

For starters, every musician in Sons of Levin have chops. Beyond their chops though, they have refinement and know how to musically serve the song in the best way possible. William Santana’s bass work is impressive. He’s a very smooth player with natural instincts. The rhythm section is key to any great blues song and Sons of Levin pull it off well with both William Santana and Marc Polit in synch. Keyboardist, Cyrus Madan adds a great improvisational vibe to his sound and showcases plenty of talent.The entire band sounds like a group of friends who have been playing together for many years, yet the band is young and just beginning to make their mark as a stand-out jam-rock bad who is above par and ready to take on big things.

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With a great band to back him up, lead singer Dylan Levinson has the “it” factor. Dylan has great voice and the confidence, stage presence and stride to deliver a convincing and engaging performance. About two minutes or so into the song, the band breaks out into a jam session with guitar solos taking the lead. The section is punchy and rhythmic for an exciting instrumental interlude before song ends at full energy.

Take a listen to the acoustic version of Six Foot Seven Blues:

"Six Foot Seven Blues" is about a story that brothers Dylan and Connor heard in high-school. A short young man falls for a very tall young woman - he doesn’t think he has a chance, but they end up together. The lyrics are just fantastic as they explore the band’s fun side. “I may seem off of my meds But when I see those long legs Babe I got them 6 foot 7 blues."

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"Six Foot Seven Blues" is more than a song about great legs, it’s a modern-day blue’s classic. Sons of Levin could just be the next big festival go-to band with songs that jam out, lyrics that entertain, musicians that really know how to play their instruments and lead vocals that have the “it” factor.


About Sons of Levin

Brothers Dylan and Connor Levinson formed Sons of Levin, a modern day jam-rock band. They draw their inspiration from bands such as The Band, Phish, and Grateful Dead. Their sound combines classic rock, blues, and jam-rock. Their self-titled EP can be found on most major digital outlets.