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Alex Camp - '31'

At 32 years of age, Alex Camp has been recording music for nearly 15 years. Originally from Central Illinois, Alex moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue his career and currently works at HITRECORD. He is one of many modern-day artists who collaborates online successfully. Thanks to modern technology and communications, Alex and his two brothers (who hail from different cities) are able to write, record, and produce their contributions individually, creating tracks long-distance. The result has been worth the effort. Alex has released an impressive 17-track debut album PARALLAX which took over a year to create and produce. The album was co-produced with his brother Ryan Camp. Off PARALLAX, the single "31" is exceptional.

Alex Camp starts off “31” with a fresh, oscillating pad that inspires intrigue and expectation. When Camp’s lyrics enter, they are intensified instantaneously by the clean sub-bass line. The drums, another highlight of the beat, somehow perfectly compliment the verses spoken above them. The back-heavy hi-hat/snare line shapes the rhythmic stress of the lyrics, and makes the whole song move. “31” is a song you can relax to, work to, and dance to, all in one package.

Camp’s lyrics are those of confidence, ambition, and ascension set to a flow that is crisp and clean. He raps from his position as an indie artist in a world that never stops trying to get him to quit. One can either listen to the negativity or find a home in ambition and hard work, and Camp makes clear in “31” that he has chosen the latter. He does so by painting a picture of his strength and skill as an artist through both a witty sense of rhyme and an abundance of creative lyrics:

“From this vantage point / I have the advantage boy / I’m about to bring damage boy / Break it down, more than you can manage boy”

“31” provides compelling evidence for the inevitable stardom in Alex Camp’s future. With catchy beats and stirring lyrics, all that’s missing is the attention and airtime soon to come.

As Camp himself reiterates in his lyrics, his is a career to bet on.

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