• Bryon Harris

Anana Kaye & Rosemary Fossee - 'Anyone But You'

Anana Kaye and Rosemary Fossee are Nashville based artists - one a Nashville native and the other from the Republic of Georgia. Their playful collaboration and friendship is the focus of a multicolored musical world, where innocence is celebrated and laughter is encouraged. Together, Kaye and Fossee bring a colorful, retro sound to audiences around the world.

Light percussion, the drop of a rich bass line, and upbeat, syncopated strums on guitar create a bouncy and swayful musical opening on Anana Kaye & Rosemary Fossee's "Anyone But You." The song was written by David Olney, John Hadley, and Irakli Gabriel. Presented by WireBird Records and produced by Brett Ryan Stewart, "Anything But You" is exceptionally well-concieved and performed. Throughout the song, the two artists exchange the highly memorable and melodic verses with each verse ending with, "If it were anyone but you." Sweet and nostalgic vocals, sung by Fossee commence on the first downbeat of the jazzy number. "If it were anyone but you, I'd know exactly what to do. I'd turn around and walk the other way. And I would not waste my time dreaming you were mine." Fossee's vocals have a pure, warm, and inviting tone. Taking the second verse, Anana Kaye sings, "If it were any other day, I'd know exactly what to say. I'd tell you I don't want you anymore. And I'd say it loud and clear. And make it sound sincere." Kaye's vocals provide the perfect contrast with a sulty tone that is purely captivating.

As the charming song moves forward small piano motifs played by Anana Kaye glisten over the track. Background vocal harmonies add pure nostalgia from the 1950's. The outstanding chorus, sung by both artists, sounds like something you would hear in a hit musical:

"But any fool can see, that you and I were meant to be. Through all the agony you put me through. But I cannot pretend this love would ever end. And I could be with anyone but you."

After the chorus, a smooth trombone solo slides in blending seamlessly with the track. The solo, played by Roy Agee, is briliantly tasteful. A guitar solo ends the song with melodic wistfulness.

"Anyone But You" is a playful take on the little ups and downs we experience in relationships. Although our companion may frustrate us from time to time, they would be highly missed if they were gone. The songs is a gentle reminder during these times, to cheerish who you love.

Please take a moment to check out the engaging and charismatic video of "Anyone But You." Both Kaye and Fossee shine on screen with their playful acting parts.

"Anyone But You" will blow you away with it's display of creativity. Using nostaligic elements from the past, the song presents a fresh sound that mezmerizes from beginning to end. Both Anana Kaye and Rosemary Fossee showcase exceptional vocal talent with a vibrant performance that perfectly captures the song's innocent and charming nuance. The musicianship on the track is tight and in-ther-pocket, polished, and above all else - very tasteful. "Anyone But You" is a timeless song that will surely find it's way into listener's hearts, on the radio, and the big screen. Expect big things to come for this duo.

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