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Anna Renae - 'Skin'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Anna Renae is a British/American singer-songwriter who gives life a musical narrative. Having graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2017 with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Popular Music, Anna Renae's life and music began in her hometown in Lancashire to Hampshire and now around the world. Off her debut album Skin (March 2020}, the title track is a great way to experience Anna's musical talent.

"Skin" commences with delicate acoustic guitar finger-picking. The picking rhythm is dotted creating a mesmerizing pattern. Anna enters singing, as she begins to paint her story and emotions, on the first verse, "He listens as she starts to cry into that cold December night. She knows he’s leaving her soon for a land that lies under a distant moon." Anna's inviting voice is perfectly suited for the guitar. Against the bright acoustic picking patterns, her vocal tone is pure and warm with nice character that gives her music a folk edge.

By the second verse, after a moment's breath, the arrangement blossoms with guitar strumming and percussion moving towards a pop-folk flavor. A gorgeous violin is soon added to the mix. Played gracefully by Maria Grigoryeva, the violin was the perfect choice for this song. Mid-way Maria takes a moving and melodic violin solo, played passionately. Anna adds tasteful harmonies, background vocals and vocal layers. At the end, the music stops, paving the way for brief acapella section that makes for an engaging, heart-stopping ending.

The title of the song "Skin" refers to a moment in life that lives beneath your skin. This moment, for Anna, was when her first love had to move abroad for 2 years to take part in a religious mission that his church required of him. It marked the end of their relationship and the beginning of self-assertion. The song is a coming of age tale, a time of transition and inner growth, where a young woman discovers her own "truth" and learns the life lesson of being true to herself.

"It’s beneath her skin As she walks alone through his night And it haunts her so Cause she finds no truth in his eyes Those eyes."

"Skin" is a beautiful song that displays Anna's ability to bring emotions and stories to life through introspective lyrics, a well-conceived arrangement, and a warm and inviting vocal performance. "Skin" shows that Anna's music can go beneath the surface of the skin and touch the soul,

"Enjoy the Video on the journey of making the album Skin.

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