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Barry Rock - "We Should See It Through"

Review Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

A gentle, sensitive guitar opens this glistening work of singer-songwriter Barry Rock. The entrance of the artist’s expressive voice portrays all you need to know about the mood of the song. “We Should See It Through” speaks to the magic in love, and belongs in only the most romantic movie scene. Dynamic drums and strobing strings only add to the beautiful, free-flowing nature of the song.

Barry Rock treats us to lyrics that are as romantic as the music they accompany. The artist’s words stream naturally from a place of sincere passion and expression, and keep the listener glued to every word and phrase. It would not be wrong to say that “We Should See It Through” oozes with love.

“One kiss from you makes my temperature rise Holding you close ‘till the morning sunrise”

Barry Rock has demonstrated what it means to make a good love song. His melodies are the perfect combination of romantic and catchy, while pulling the listener in to his vibrant world of glistening emotion. Experience “We Should See It Through” for a chance to live a whole lifetime of love boiled down into three minutes of beautiful music.

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About Barry Rock

Barry Rock can best be described as a singer/songwriter who writes catchy music - you will find yourself humming his strong melodies and easy-to-relate to lyrics, at first listen. Born and raised in NY, Barry’s Retro musical style was influenced by the timeless artists like The Beatles, Billy Joel, The Beach Boys and the Cars to name a few.

Barry majored in acting at community college and played in bands thru his college years where he developed a magnetic stage presence. He went on to start and own a DJ Entertainment Company, working weddings and corporate events. From 2008-2012 Barry moved to LA where he picked up the vibe of west coast music. He incorporates these styles with incredible hooks you just can’t get out of your head.

Barry’s goal is to continue writing and working with incredible musicians, and place music in TV and film. His music is a perfect match for today's youth - one listen and you will hear that his songs have Disney written all over them!


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