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Craymo featuring Mike Ro - 'One Love One World'

Review By Patrick Joseph & Staff

Music can influence, and even change, people, movements, and society. Sharing songs about peace and social justice, ultimately reminds the world of the importance of peace, fairness, love and unity. Craymo's song "One Love One World" is one of the amazing songs that will be featured on BWH Music Group and World National Indie Radio (WNIR) 'Songs For Change' radio special during the month of November.

“One Love One World” is a head-bobbing, uplifting jam. A super thick bass line carries the track and blends with a “reggae-ish” drum and guitar pattern to create a feeling of openness and positivity. Listeners will fall in love with the groove right away, and the song utilizes a meditative sound to keep listeners entrenched with its message. Production values are extremely high (each sonic texture sits in own defined space), allowing an already strong groove to become even more effective.

Lyrically, “One Love One World” is all about unity. Messages of tolerance and equality soar over the intoxicating beat and penetrate listener’s minds. “We are one love, we are one world, Put your hands together now every boy and every girl.” In these times of division, it's necessary and refreshing to hear messages of togetherness and strength: “Harmony in our lives. Peace and love and sacrifice. We all need to lend a hand. A brotherhood of man.”

Overall, “One Love One World” is a winner. The massive and fun bass tone sets the stage for a killer groove and catchy melodies. An energetic, but laid-back hip-hop verse by Mike Ro elevates the song to another level. Solid hooks and a confident vocal delivery from Craymo, combined with brilliant production techniques create a cohesive and highly effective musical statement. “One Love One World” will make you want to dance and smile.


Craymo Craymo is an award winning singer/songwriter currently from Orlando, Florida. He was a Finalist Best US Male Songwriter of the Year in the 2020 International Singer Songwriter Association Awards (ISSA). His song Give Me Your Love won Best Dance Recording in the 2020 Indie Music Channel Awards. Craymo's song December Rain won Best Rock Song in the 2019 Clouzine International Music Awards. His songs have been featured in indie films and TV shows.

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