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Dan Wolff & The Muddy Crows' - Here We Go'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

"Here We Go" gets the crowd primed and pumped for an engaging show by Dan Wolff and The Muddy Crows. Wolff who is the lead vocalist and acoustic guitarist, opens the song with a call and response. Dan Perriello expands the tune with a progressive buildup in the drums while bassist Eric Grabow smooths over the melody. The rhythm section is tight. Steve Mead Gang, keyboardist, heightens the song with a grooving blues progression. The Muddy Crows sing background as Wolff leads the band with his commanding vocals. Near the closing of the song,Wolff wails a stellar guitar solo ramping the intensity. Dan Wolff and The Muddy Crows take charge of the stage and the crowd in this rockin' tune.

Wolff owns the role of front-man as he hypes up fans with his dynamic vocal performance. "Here we go! Let's start the show! Everybody's ready to get down! Hit the lights Because tonight The Muddy Crows are back in town!" "Here We Go" is a show opener that gets the adrenaline flowing. The upbeat call and response between Wolff and The Muddy Crows invite the crowd to join in and sing along:

“It's been a minute since we came around to put on a show for the [hometown] crowd. Crank the amps, boys let’s play it loud. Skip the soundcheck, we'll do it live. Let's not waste the people's time. Ready or not, Start the clock... we're counting down!!!”

Dan Wolff and The Muddy Crows perform a banger in "Here We Go." The snappy rock beat and electrifying vocals hit you on the first beat. “Here We Go” is the perfect song to pump yourself up and get ready for a great time. Wolff is a talented, and extraordinary, songwriter and musician who has a vivacious stage presence. Dan Wolff and The Muddy Crows rock the stage with their charisma and artistry as "Here We Go" let's you know this is a band to stick around for.

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About Dan Wolff & The Muddy Crows

Dan Wolff is a prolific singer-songwriter. With The Muddy Crows, Wolff and the band were twice declared ‘Washington DC’s Best Original Band,’ by The Washington City Paper Readers Poll.

Specializing in original compositions, Dan Wolff has released an impressive 5 albums since 2014. His songs explore the adventures and lifestyle of a modern-day musician. Wolff has toured the U.S. and has played 21 shows across Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.


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