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Danny Strimer - "Doesn't Mean a Thing"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Doesn’t Mean a Thing” is a sensitive and dynamic song that combines eclectic influences in a winning formula to create a meaningful work of art. Highly refined instrumental playing underscores Strimer’s expressive lead vocal in this bossa-nova influenced song, which offers momentum from every angle. Jody Nardone delivers a virtuosic keyboard performance and contributes an almost psychedelic layer to the music. Bass (Brian Zonn) and drums (Pino Squillace) create a unique groove in this song.

Lyrically, “Doesn’t Mean a Thing” explores the experience of love.

“Two lovers endlessly sharing their destiny, In a place where time doesn’t mean a thing.”

Strimer’s delivery brings these lyrics to life.

“Lovers leap with no thought of injury; lovers walk through the danger fearlessly.”

The positive energy of the music creates a perfect backdrop for these sentiments.

The arrangement of “Doesn’t Mean a Thing” is inspired and thoroughly well-conceived. Phenomenal rhythmic propulsion from the bass, drums, and percussion carries the tune with finesse and intensity. Harmonic motion is brilliant, and the lead vocal creatively explores melodic space. The overall sound of the music is incredibly smooth yet complex and energetic. Hypnotic and satisfying, “Doesn’t Mean a Thing” is a beautiful piece of art.


About Danny Strimer

Danny's career as a professional musician began at age 15 as a guitarist in West Virginia R&B clubs, backing the likes of The Drifters, Spyder Turner, and Dee Clark. He was lead guitarist, background vocalist, and MC in Brenda Lee’s band, The Casuals. Graduating cum laude from NYU's Steinhardt School (Music/Recording Technology), Danny worked in NYC as an actor under directors Gerald Freedman in GONE WITH HARDY and Alex Dmitriev in Hugh Leonards's ALL THE NICE PEOPLE. He composed a musical score with Walker Steady for the Leon Felder Dance Company that was performed at Lincoln Center's Outdoor Salute to The Dance and other venues.

Strimer has written and published songs with Cherry Lane Music and Leiber And Stoller. His Garth Brooks and Lena Arice Lucas co-write, CRAZY OLE MOON, was recorded by Farmer’s Daughter and Patti Page. He charted nationally on Billboard Country with Jill Jordan's cut of CALENDAR BLUES.

A Nashville Musician's Association – Local 257 AFM member, he's releasing a new album, DANNY STRIMER - NEW LOVE SONGS - BOSSA NOVA & BEYOND, in 2020, co-written — with Alan Miller — which is original Bossa Nova infused, Great American Songbook inspired, guitar-driven, World-Beat, Jazz-Pop, romantic vocal music with timeless lyrics.


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