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Dantès - 'Killer'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

An ominous voice in the forefront lures you in with heavily distorted bass and techno synthesized melodies in Dantès R &B, deep house song “Killer.” "So you want to be free. to live your life the way you wanna be." The deep bass beat is steady as atmospheric sound effects and lo-fi drumbeats accompany the eerie and echoey vocal introduction. As the saw synth-bass drops, the bumping techno beat comes forward for an unforgettable music experience. “Killer” has an all out funky party beat that will shake up the dark dungeon. This fusion of 70's R & B and house music is radical as Dantès' sound reverberates through your body.

The lyrics move slowly through the phrases; this astute anticipation technique creates suspense to emulate the emotion of loneliness that can feel like it’s killing you slowly. Dantès has a funky and edgy vibe that translates well through his vocals and synth instrumentation. As Dantès sings the chorus with pristine passion, he evokes a tremendous response from the listener, inviting you to be free in the music.

“It’s the loneliness that’s the killer

So, you want to be free

To live your life, the way you want to be

Will you give if we cry

Will we live or will we die.

Dantès is a unique R & B / House artist who has a fantastic dance sound that redefines house music for today's listener. Bringing a fresh and creative musical landscape to the table, "Killer" is a feast for the ears. The distorted bass beat and synthesized bells and whistles emulates the adrenaline you will feel when you move to this song. Dantès smooth and passionate vocals, and the bumping disco beats, are simply explosive. Dantès performance is electric; he has an extraordinary originatlity that drives his paradox of sounds into your mind, through your body, and onto the dance foor.

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About Dantès

Rocketing out of Chicago, Dantès is a rising star and triple threat in music and media. The singer, actor and model is quickly becoming a household name. Dantès is a House and R & B phenomenom who possesses an uncanny musical and vocal dexterity.

Set to a timeless dance sound, that harkens back to the golden age of house music, Dantès music is highly memorable. His first music single, "Killer" (2019), streamed over 40k in a very short time. Since 2019, he has had multiple feature roles in two Showtime TV shows, Work in Progress and The Chi.


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