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Güten Morgan - 'Adam's Song (For the Love of That Woman)

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Güten Morgan’s first studio CD, Trash Day, was released in 2019, and consists of eight original and 2 cover songs – including an acoustic cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Over the Hills and Far Away”. Off Trash Day, “Adam’s Song (For the Love of That Woman)”, is a great way to fall in love with this artist.

Güten Morgan's grunge rock ballad “Adam’s Song (For the Love of That Woman)” from his Trash Day album is a rare depiction of devotion. “Adam’s Song” is a true representation of how love is an atomic force of impulsive emotions that can lead to grande and heroic actions.

Sizzling, catchy metal guitar riffs start the song with hard hitting drums keeping the rhythm section tight and engaging. Soon Güten Morgan’s rich and masculine, gritty vocals enter, elevating the emotional intensity of the song. The doubling of the fierce and fervor vocals add high voltage to the chorus sections.

The track is highlighted by Matt Burton's guitar solos. Matt kills it on guitar during the bridge with a not-to-be-missed climactic guitar solo.The icing on the cake is the intelligent, well-written lyrics that depict the kind of love that kings and warriors fought over.

“Ancient rulers, princes, kings – sacrificed their subjects, For the promises of love just one look at her brings. People lost, peoples won, kingdoms come and go. Is she a gift from up above, or temptation from below?”

The 70's influenced heavy rock arrangement with it's nice rough exterior gives the song a bold, yet gracious tone. The heavy metal riffs and distinct marching style rhythms at the end of the song add to the nuance of sound, intensity and direction

In the beautiful and passionate representation of love and devotion. “Adam’s Song” is a gritty, rock love ballad that details raw affection from the heart. Guten Morgan’s unique portrayal of love and sanctity showcases his impeccable songwriting.

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About Güten Morgan

Güten Morgan is a studio artist that fuses a classic 70’s-style rock with a dose of 90’s rock & grunge. Differing from most rock vocalists, Morgan’s voice is a rich baritone. His music blends sizzling guitar and in-the-pocket percussion.

Morgan Tharp is the primary artist behind Güten Morgan he hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. Morgan works by day as a long-standing practicing oncology physician, but has always had a love for music and guitar.

His unique songwriting and style has been greatly influenced by Led Zeppelin and Kings of Leon, as well as all the “classic rock” of the late 1960’s into the 1980’s. The acoustic cover song “In Your Eyes” (live) by Jeffrey Gaines became the inspiration to compose an acoustic version of “Over the Hills and Far Away”; this led to a recording session for this track, out of which flowed the rest of the Trash Day album.

Morgan is currently working on writing and recording tracks with the vocal a cappella group The Point. He also enjoys writing and developing new songs for Güten Morgan.