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Josh Breezzyy - 'Do You Mind Ft. Cory Jones'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Joshua Brewster, better known by his stage name "Josh Breezzyy," is an American rapper and engineer from Long Island NY, currently residing in North Carolina. Breezzyy is the CEO of Independent Record Label, McKnight Records where he works on his hit records and collaborates with a lineup of stellar artists. In January, 2020, Breezzyy put out a new album titled Third Dimension. It features artists like Caprot, a long time friend and original McKnight Records artist, along with Breana Marin, LaKeith Rashad, John Concepcion, and Eminem long-time collaborator, Mr. Porter from D-12. Third Dimension is Breezzyy's biggest album to date, garnishing over 90,000 streams in the album's first week.

One listen to 'Do You Mind Ft. Cory Jones" and you will hear why Breezzyy is on his way to the top. The song is an up-beat, radio-ready hit that you’ll be able to listen to on repeat. It opens with an infectious melody on reverberant staccato synth. A smooth vocalise from Cory cues the entrance of the gritty sub bass the first addictive chorus.

The full production sweeps in as they reach the hook, boasting an energetic, clean sound that is competitive with today charting hits. Breezzyy adds in some additional backing vocals on the hook for some sweet harmonies that take it up a notch.

Breezzyy jumps on the verse showcasing his signature crisp pronounced style through playful, flirtatious bars.

“I love the way you throw it back / I love the way you doing that / I love the way you love the way / I Love it when you moving that / Ass so crazy /Slim no Shady / And you the Holy Grail / Justin,Jay-z”

'Do You Mind Ft. Cory Jones' is about seeing a fine woman and wanting to hang with her. It's a fun love at first sight song about desire and taking it further. The song is full of clever lyrics -i Breezzy is an intelligent writer who has polished his craft to perfection.

With its infectious melodies, witty lines, radio-ready production, and quick length, you will want to play “Do You Mind” again and again. Josh Breezzyy has the songs and the performance charisma; he is an artist on the rise and this song is just one reason why.

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