• Bryon Harris

Labán- Acércate

Labán is an international singer and songwriter who hails from Tijuana, Mexico. He has been playing music since the young age of three, first studying violin, then piano. Today, Labán is working on the release of his debut album Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí. The first single "Dueños de Aquí " is a social justice song about corruption. The second single, "Quién da Más", is a song about the frustrations of pursuing happiness in a world with walls. Currently, his latest single, "Acércate," Labán offers an introspective love song. Labán dives into complicated, short-lived love and loss in his new song, "Acércate." Translated to English, acércate means "come closer." The song is about yearning for more from a relationship that is coming to an end."Acércate" is new ground for Labán who is also nown for songs that explore social justice issues. "Acércate" is purely a love song. The songs flavor is a mix of jazz, Latin, R & B, soul and pop for a sound that is highly accessible for fans of multiple genres. The mid-tempo mellow groove and light jam is consistent throughout the song. Saxophonist, Jeff Miguel, adds to the jazz spirit and contemporary groove with solos from the heart. Saxophone was the perfect choice for a solo instrument as the timbre goes very well with the smooth jazzy track.

The lyrics are in Spanish which gives the vocal lines a fluid and sweet sound that this romantic language offers so well.

"Acércate, acércate, cuando no tengas deudas Acércate, Vamos a esperar que la vida nos dé para desearnos hasta el final Y que la voluntad impida contaminar nuestro amargo amar." [ Come closer, come closer, you have no commitment. Come closer, and let's hope that life lets us keep our love until the end, and that our will prevents bitterness.]

The chorus in Acércate is melodious and unforgettable. With a very strong hook, the song stays with you and is easy to remember.

Labán sings each word with a melancholy longing. As he sings, it sounds as though he is recalling each emotion. As far as love songs go, we hope to hear much more from Labán. His beautiful vocal tone, sincere lyrics and smooth R & B/Jazz instrumentation are the perfect combination for love and desire. Labán's "Acércate" will draw you closer to this artist and his wonderful music.

"Acércate" is available on Spotify, cdbaby and