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Lisa Ann Wright - 'I Know You'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“I Know You” is a relaxing and moving piece of music. It’s quiet yet strong energy is inspirational and uplifting. Insistent ukulele strumming and minimalistic percussion keep the rhythm of the track driving forward while affording plenty of space for Wright’s vocals and lyrics to shine through…and shine they do. Wright is confident and deliberate in her vocal expressions, effortlessly communicating the song’s message.

Lyrically, “I Know You” is a statement of support and strength. “I know you are gonna make it through, ‘cause I know you will make sure I do, too!” Wright seems to just delicately place the lyrics where they need to be. “You can make it through the pain despite the problems that you see.” This song is living proof that the gentlest messages are often the ones that hit the hardest.

“I Know You” is a true songwriter’s song. A singular artistic vision gives this song wings. Wright utilizes musical elements her advantage by sticking with a spacious arrangement with only one impactful “breakdown bridge.”

Harmonized vocals bring the lyrics to life while rhythmic strumming and percussion keep the rhythm moving forward. This song establishes an emotional tone and uses lyrical development and honest delivery to create a pure work of art.

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About Lisa Ann Wright

Lisa Ann Wright is an offbeat, award-winning singer/songwriter raised in rural upstate New York residing in Arlington, Virginia. She performs both originals and cover songs with ukulele and guitar in a variety of venues including main stages, wineries and senior residences.

Lisa’s songs have been described as “Compassionate, deep and sometimes snarky.” Her album “Sweet Bye & Bye” won the Washington Area Music Award (WAMMIES) for Debut Album, and her new album “Here I Am” was a finalist for the 2019 WAMMIES. She was a Silver Medalist in the 2019 Global Music Awards, and was a finalist in the 2019 Peace Song Awards for her socially-conscious bluegrass song "My Daily Bread." Lisa's songs have received several recent Honorable Mentions from the Mid-Atlantic Music Awards, including five in 2020. Since June 2020, Lisa and Diana Quinn (Snarky Sisterz) have hosted weekly streamed showcases featuring songwriters from the US and Canada.

For more information about Lisa Ann Wright, please visit her website.


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