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Matthew Stephen - "The Fire"

Review by Patrick Joseph

"The Fire" is a powerful work of art. The cinematic, sweeping feeling of this music is infectious. Rhythmic persistence and larger-than-life gang vocals set the stage for a fantastic piece of music. The world-pop feel to this song is expertly crafted, while the story-like narrative of the lyrics is engaging and inviting. Huge keyboard sounds, swirling synths, foundational drum tones, and a touch of strings set the perfect backdrop for Stephen's dynamic and expressive vocal performance.

Lyrically, "The Fire" pays homage to brave men who gave their lives in an attempt to fight raging fires during the historic Chornobyl disaster.

"I remember the sounds of boots on the floor, then a knock at the door and a man in uniform."

Snippets of a true story tell these young men's tragic and heroic tale.

"Fire…they fought the fire."

The powerful vocal delivery of these lyrics makes them even more impactful, a remarkable confluence of lyric and delivery.

The arrangement of "The Fire" is masterful. The ever-building sound of the verses parlays beautifully into an unexpected chorus which is undeniably catchy. Impressive vocal acrobatics are on full display, from the chant-like intro to the verses and choruses' dexterous and well-delivered pop style. This song will get in your bones and move your entire body: a wonderfully executed artistic statement and a deserving tribute to a beautiful act of humanity.


About Matthew Stephen

Matthew blends elements of singer/songwriter, pop, rock, Americana and roots into his songs. His lyrics tell a real story, his melodies are memorable, and his voice delivers those words with sincerity and confidence. As of January 2022, Matthew Stephen has quit his day job, is living in Tampa with Binx his cat, working on completion of his second album and pursuing music full time. “I came to this music party later in life than most musicians so accepting it as a profession is difficult. I’m an engineer. I see things in black and white. But if the music is in you, it finds a way out one way or the other. My plan now is to see how far I can go with it. I'll embrace whatever opportunities are presented to me. I believe in the music and even though it goes against the humility baked into me as a child – I believe in myself.”

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