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Moana A. - 'Wild Card'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

Moana (that is her real name, sorry Disney) became a natural Wild Card while growing up on a sailboat in Saint Martin. Her first album “dotted” landed her an endorsement deal with Daisy Rock Guitars. Based in LA, she regularly makes time to tour the world: Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, India, the Mediterranean region, the Caribbean, and all over the USA. She’s also a singer for the YouTube hit kids’ show Badanamu. A great way to get acquainted with Moana's undeniable talent is to check out her latest singe, "Wild Card."

“Wild Card” captures you from the start with Moana's glistening, smooth, and angelic vocals. One can feel the unfiltered, raw emotion that embodies the beauty of empowerment and self-worth. Her raw country-rockabilly music enchants you from the first note on the piano to the last sound on the acoustic guitar. Her musical approach, using the piano and guitar in the introduction, allows her to drive the melody with her vocals.

The piano comes in with a dominant chord leading the rest of the progression and building the song as the background vocals and instrumentation heighten the mood.

Guitarist and bassist Ananda Dhar James offers an impeccable performance and the rhythm section keeps everything in an even pocket.The smooth thudding of the electric bass, the countrywide whistles of a jiving tambourine, and the wailing of a blues guitar will engulf your thirsty soul.

Songwriters LAIN and Moana incorporate strong themes about self-acceptance and being who you are, no matter what people say. In this day and age, people are quick to criticize and judge others which keeps us from speaking our own truth. It is important to be authentic and this song is full of authenticity. In the chorus, with an electric chord burst through the transition, we hear a bold message:

“Don’t fall in line, don’t fit the mold / I am big and I am bold. I’m blowing hot / I’m blowing cold / I’m too much for you to handle.”

LAIN and Moana give us an inspiring anthem about being true to yourself and never backing down, even when society tries to put you in a box. “Wild Card's” robust sound could fill an arena and it's lyrics and vocal performance could fill a million souls. Moana A. offers a song that transforms, unveiling her purpose, passion, and proof-positive artistry.

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