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Ohnlé - Take Me

Review Nico Low & Staff

Ohnlé’s “Take Me” is an exhilarating synth pop bop! The trap inspired beat fuses a throwback sound with a modern pop sound that keeps listeners incredibly engaged the entire listen. The intro grabs you in but doesn’t linger too long before leading you right into a catchy first verse.

The synth harp in the intro captured my immediate attention. The top-notch production of all the electronic elements is so well crafted. Showcasing superb writing sensibilities, the vocal melody throughout is incredibly memorable. Each verse tells a new part of this emotional story, accentuated by unique melodies and rhythms that perfectly lead into each chorus.

The song is so romantic and that really connected me to the vibe of the piece. Not being able to shake this feeling of desire. the feeling of allowing yourself to forgo all doubts and fall in love. That’s what this song made me feel. “Take Me” is an upbeat love song for those who need to let go and submit to their true feelings.

"I'm heading overboard

Whip that thing around for me and I'm back for more

You double down on me you something serious

Call on me I'm hearing you, ah

Go baby, go baby go"

If you want to party to a banger love song, “Take Me” is the perfect 80s influenced tune to lose yourself in. I personally can’t stop listening to that chorus hook. It will be stuck in your head all night long. The switch in to the trap drums in the bridge into the last chorus is so pleasing to the ear. “Take Me” truly has everything I want in a synth pop song.


About Ohnlé

Hailed by fans as “feel-good music, with a unique sound”, Ohnlé music has its roots in Pop and R&B setting his signature sound of Pop/R&B Fusion, but wets the appetite of other genre palates, using musical mixtures of Rock, Reggae, Jazz, and Country. From head-bopping, upbeat tempos that inspire fun, new beginnings, and sprouting relationships, to slow-grooving ballads that empathize with love and heartbreak; his music mantra is versatility, substance, and journey. Versatility inspired by his loathe of being "Put in a box" or limited, sparking his thrive in producing his own music, directing his own videos, etc. Substance inspired by the subject matter in his lyrics, to connect with the listener on a an emotional level. Journey inspired by not shying away from his growth in quality, and embracing his storytelling abilities by taking his fans on an arcing journey via music or visually.

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