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Pauline Frechette - 'Love in the Afternoon'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Love in the Afternoon” is a beautiful and passionate song. It serves as not just a glistening composition, but also as a sentimental love letter meant to express gratitude for many years of eternal love. It also conveys its opening line of a “lazy afternoon” beautifully. “Love in the Afternoon” flows forward with such a cathartic and languid nature. The instruments and vocals all hazily move from note to note, creating a chill and even sensual atmosphere. This is the kind of song that reminds you why love is so sweet, and why anyone who gets to experience its deepest pleasures are so lucky.

Lyrically, Pauline Frechette wrote this song for her and her husband’s anniversary. Pauline is married to renowned producer, David Campbell, and the two artists share a common passion and sweet love.The lyrics are very poetic stemming from a combination of love poems that the couple wrote to one another throughout their relationship. The lyrics have a brief and restrained nature to them, yet they are still incredibly expressive and imaginative. “Bird song, we belong, kiss by kiss, timeless, loving you so tender, in the sunlight.” The lyrics also dip into a sensual vibe with grace and respect. “Softly, we surrender, sweet emotion, sweeping time, take me, take me now before, the promise of, the afternoon is gone.”

The instrumentation is incredibly smooth and atmospheric, cinematic and expressive. “Love in the Afternoon” could easily be placed in any love story film set on a sunny island. The strings, which provide the cinematic vibe, are warm and eloquent, filling out the overall sound of the song. A beautiful and melodic double bass, performed by the one and only Stanley Clark, provides the rhythmic and low-end treatment, giving the song it’s forward sense of dreamlike motion.

The instrumentation is filled with colorful ornamention, all which dance around and aptly support the vocals. Pauline Frechette’s vocals are so relaxed and sweet. She knows how to move the energy of her voice up and down like the waves of an ocean. The vibrato employed at the end of some of her vocal lines is so luscious and expressive. “Love in the Afternoon” is a song that truly encompasses the feeling of true love, and it does so with such style and passion.

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About Pauline Frechette Pauline Frechette is a composer/performer with a foundation of playing in youth symphonies on violin, winning awards in piano competitions, touring Europe singing and dancing as a teen and studying acting in England. Her Great-grandfather, Josef Vezina, founded the Quebec Symphony. Her compositions are best defined as “Neo-classical” DEF. “The use of modern techniques within the classical form composing music that reflects one’s own compositional voice.” Her compositions have been performed by the Baltimore Symphony, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, New West Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony, National Symphony at the Kennedy Center and at Walt Disney Concert Hall. As composer/lyricist her musicals have been produced at The Goodspeed Opera House, the LaMirada Theatre for the Performing Arts and the Baruch Theatre in NYC.

As a singer/performer, she considers herself a 21st Century “troubadour” DEF. “a contemporary poet-musician.” Her credits include singing on major motion pictures (Aladdin, Rent, Mermaids …) performing/recording with many legendary artists including MUSE for the 2012 Olympics; Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, Leonard Cohen, Cher, and duets with Neil Diamond. In solo concerts, Pauline takes her audience on an emotional journey with humor and passion often playing her compositions to videos of dance, art and other forms of storytelling.

Her albums, "An Intimate Story” and "Colors of My Heart” debuted on Billboard’s Top Ten Classical and Classical Crossover charts. She is currently recording an album with her husband, David Campbell, featuring his string quartet, her cello suite and a ballet she was commissioned to compose titled “L’essence du Printemp” (The Essence of Spring.) The ballet will have its World Premiere with the New West Symphony featuring the Pacific Festival Ballet Company in April 2022. Her music has millions of listeners in 150 countries. Pauline won the 2020 W.A.M. Award for Best Instrumental.

For more information about Pauline Frechette, please visit her website.


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