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Rachael Frankruyter – 'Never'

Sweet, reverberant layers of finger-style guitar with a low droning bass grace the opening on Rachael Frankruyter’s outstanding pop-folk ballad, “Never.” After a brief introduction, Rachael's gentle and captivating vocals take the spotlight through delicate phrasing and vocal nuance that will give you goosebumps. "It all came back to me the other day in the back of my mind All of the pictures painted golden. The same colour of the streetlights."

The arrangement makes a shift to a more somber timbre in anticipation for the chorus, centering the phrasing around a minor progression. As she reaches the chorus, the dynamic shift allows Rachael to showcase the pure and pristine sound of her higher vocal register as she beautifully sings,

Never looking down upon it again Never looking down upon it again When it was all every single thing that I'd wanted.”

"Never" is a deeply reflective song about the emotions of looking back at a relationship that came to an end due to external circumstances. It's melancholy vibe perfectly captures the feeling of losing someone you love while acknowledging that "the rain kept pouring down, but it didn't wash it away."

There is a richly satisfying simplicity to Rachael’s “Never” that makes it a highly memorable and touching performance. With the focus placed on her exquisite vocals, Rachael's performance sparkles on the track from start to finish. Using a delicate and graceful approach, both lyrically and musically, Rachael Frankruyter's "Never" gets under the skin, travels through your veins, and touches your heart like a timeless love that never dies.

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About Rachael Frankruyter

Rachael Frankruyter is a 19 year old singer-songwriter from Stratford, Ontario. Rachael's passion for music took off at the age of 7, when she began taking classical singing lessons. By age 12, Rachael realized that her love for music reached other genres when she learned to play the guitar and the piano. Rachael went on to perform at many local music events and competitions singing in both classical and folk-pop styles. Meanwhile, she also began writing songs. In August of 2019, Rachael released her debut self-titled EP. With folk roots surrounded by ambient electric guitars and dreamy harmonies, Rachael's storytelling shines through as she discusses the ups and downs of being a teenager and growing up. Rachael is currently studying Classical Voice Performance at Western University in London, Ontario.

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