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Rachael Frankruyter - "Ocean"

Reviewed by Abby Kenna

“Ocean” by Rachael Frankruyter is the sound of a memory, with waves of nostalgia rolling off of vulnerable vocals and an emotive track. The hypnotic instrumentals lay the perfect foundation for haunting melodies that tell the story of inescapable memories. Incorporating the poetic elements of folk with the tuneful nature of pop, “Ocean” is an entrancing song.

The song opens with an ambient array of echoing guitars swelling over a steady pulse of drums and piano. Rachael Frankruyter’s voice contrasts this spacious soundscape with her rich, yet vulnerable tone. Poignantly dissonant, the notes of the verse melodies ripple and flow as they melt into the accompaniment.

Lilting harmonies add the perfect whisper of vulnerability to the chorus as it begins to build over the persistence of the drums and colorful grand piano. These layers of vocals and cyclical instrumentals mimic the rolling waves of the ocean, replicating Rachael Frankruyter’s conflicted thoughts as she sings:

“These things come and go in waves / But I’m swimming in an ocean, never sinking.”

With a sense of urgency, the bridge begins to build up layers of background vocals and rhythmic piano as Frankruyter laments these overwhelming memories:

“It's like I'm in love with a blueprint that'll never become anything

But it's permanent for now, can't be erased.”

Showcasing Frankruyter’s powerful low range, the bridge vocals dip down and pull back as the instrumentals seem to take a breath, allowing space before one final, moving chorus.

Rachael Frankruyter’s new single “Ocean” feels like sifting through an old box of photos and drowning in the memories you rediscover. Hauntingly beautiful, “Ocean” is a vulnerable and expressive song that will captivate listeners immediately.

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About Rachel Frankruyter

Rachael Frankruyter is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Stratford, Ontario. Rachael's passion for music took off at the age of 7 when she began taking classical singing lessons. By age 12, Rachael quickly realized that her love for music reached other genres when she learned how to play the guitar and the piano. She went on to perform at many local music events and competitions singing in both classical and folk-pop styles. Meanwhile, she also began writing songs.

In August of 2019, Rachael released her debut self-titled EP. With folk roots surrounded by ambient electric guitars and dreamy harmonies, Rachael's storytelling shines through as she discusses the ups and downs of being a teenager and growing up. Rachael is currently studying Classical Voice Performance at Western University in London, Ontario.