• Bryon Harris

Safe Word - 'Carousel'

Written by Ionas Finser

Safe Word is the musical duo of Ben Wayne and Jess Novak. The couple blends their combination of styles, songwriting, instrumental talents with moving vocals and harmonies.

Ben Wayne's voice, deft guitar skills, and songwriting acumen mixed with Jess Novak's beautiful voice, tasteful violin work, and equally accomplished songwriting makes this duo a musical match made in heaven. "Carousel" is a great way to get acquainted with Safe Word's undeniable talent.

An earthy guitar strums its way out of the silence, as our ears are met with Ben Wayne's“Carousel” for the first time. The bright tone of the guitar creates a beautiful contrast for the wonderfully smooth, freely flowing violin that will make itself known throughout the song. “Carousel” is all about its expressive vocals and the song does not disappoint. The voices of Ben Wayne and Jess Novak blend beautifully, and culminate in a moving, coherent duet of a chorus.

Lyrically, Ben Wayne holds nothing back when it comes to expressing his thoughts and emotions. A sad love song in nature, “Carousel” takes on the early days of Wayne and Novak’s romance, highlighting the difficulty associated with leaving a loved one to go on tour. The two singers’ bond is evident and tangible through every moment of the song, creating an intimate mood that is hard to come by.

“One more night, one more soul left to sell, one last wish left to throw down the well / One more spin, round and round on this Old Carousel”

“Carousel” has the tone of country classics like “Wagon Wheel,” and musical structure reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s “Shallow.” The song is radio and chart ready. Ben and Jess are magical and mesmerizing.

It is clear that Ben Wayne and Jess Novak have uncovered the perfect collaboration, blending two streams of talent that combine seamlessly into a song that will touch you in the most genuine way. “Carousel” consists of lyrics that come from a true sense of love, and musicianship that comes straight from the soul.

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