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Therése Neaimé - “Dance Love”

Review Written By Victoria Scott & Staff

Fiery vocals and an ecstatic Latin pop beat will blow you away in Therése Neaimé's song, “Dance Love.” Spanish guitar, with a savory melody, is joined by a smoking pop beat that enhances Therése’s sultry vocals. The background vocals come in descending over the lead vocal lines with wistful layers. Songwriters Therése Neaimé, Maria Marcus, and Gunnar Nordén light up the dance floor with bustling electronic bass and gripping acoustic guitar. Producers Maria Marcus and Jon Hällgren showcase Therése’s hypnotic and seductive vocals perfectly.

“Dance Love” depicts the passionate love between two lovers. The romantic Latin pop beat accompanies sizzling lyrics beautifully as Therése sensually sings the first line, “Why would you call me drama, Talking about some trauma.” Each line smoothly transitions into the next, as the background vocals, tinder electronic beats, and dub bass turn up the heat. The chorus hits you each time with a tight beat and lit up melody as Therése sings:

“Dance love, dance forever,

hold me na-na-na-na-na-nooow,

Dance love, dance forever,

hold me na-na-na-na-na-nooow.”

Therése Neaimé is a gorgeous artist, and she will captivate you with her smooth vocals and euphoric Latin beats. “Dance Love” is electrifying and timeless in its message about the desires of the heart. The last verse says it perfectly, “Our chance to make it better, we scream through silent days, tonight we´ll be the winners, Kings and queens n sinners, let´s dance those tears away.” To dance with someone that makes you excited, and fills your heart, makes you feel invincible. Therése's ravishing musicality is undeniable.

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About Therése Neaimé

With a lifetime spent immersed in the music and entertainment industry, Therése Neaimé is a sought-after performer. Her gift of music and impeccable professionalism has led her to many amazing opportunities including opening for Simply Red, touring in the middle east, and headlining the South Africa and Copenhagen pride to mention a few milestones.

Her latest single, "Dance Love" demonstrates her energy inspired sound. “Dance Love” showcases Therése's stunning vocals and the polished, exciting sound of an artist who has arrived. Therése has the true X-factor of an artist destined to thrive on the top of charts and playlists worldwide.


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