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Trilogy - 'Breathe'

Updated: May 25

Review by Francesca Londono & Staff

Up and coming band “Trilogy” just released an awesome new track. The song starts with a beautiful, ethereal chord progression topped with tasteful, delicate vocals. The chorus arrives with a uniquely catchy and gorgeous melody that instantly stays with you. As a light percussion slowly makes its way in keeping the pulse, breathtaking upper harmonies can be heard. What an amazing blend these two brothers have! When the chorus hits the second time, the power of it is undefeated. A distorted guitar and the drums play alongside the catchy melody driving their sound. When the bridge arrives, it's more intimate and stripped down with dark synth bass and light vocals. Mystery and energy abound in this song.

From the start, the vocals take center stage yielding emotions that are incredibly captivating. You will love how the harmonies elevate the message. Moving from delicate and light to powerful and emotional, their singing range is incredible. A standout moment in the song is when, after the bridge, the vocals come together to bring home the sentiment of the song.

"Inhale. Exhale. I will prevail. I'm not derailed. I win. You failed. Breath in. Breath out. Without a doubt." You will strike out. I'm free..."

The concept of this song is about pushing your insecurities onto someone else to make yourself feel better. Themes include how social media is causing people's mental health and self esteem to deteriorate. The title “Breathe” is about taking a moment to catch your breath and center yourself to the real world and what’s actually important in life.

Clever word play and catchy rhyme schemes delivered by exquisite vocals against a perfect atmospheric-pop landscape make this song a stellar achievement. Trilogy touches upon the complex web of insecurity in a digital world, a very real and hard subject, and they do it brilliantly. Listen to "Breathe" and find out why Trilogy is a band to watch in 2022 with the potential to make it very big in the music industry.

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About Trilogy

Trilogy is an up and coming band from Chicago with a passion for writing tunes with relatable narratives. Brothers Zach and Gabe are a multi-talented duo who compose and play all instruments on their tracks within their family. Drawing inspiration for their music from real life experiences, they are building a steadily increasing catalogue of engaging earworms.

Trilogy has an innate talent to ingeniously create music in multiple styles, all while maintaining a consistent feel. With their authentic and unapologetic commitment to being their own unique paths, they seek to positively influence others with their music. Poised to develop into one of the most exciting acts of the next generation this band is one with a bright future ahead.

For more information on the Trilogy Brothers, please visit their website.


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