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Xavier Lewis – 'Georgia Clay'

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia artist Xavier Lewis has been receiving extensive recognition and critical acclaim for his songs. He has had major appearances on TV and radio including NBC's America's Got Talent, the NBC TODAY Show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and POWER 105.1 - The Breakfast Club. Xavier was a Grand Prize Winner in the pop and R & B category for the Georgia Lottery "All Access Music Search" and he is a 2X Georgia Music Award Winner for Best R&B Male and a Recipient of the ATL's Hottest Male Vocalist Award.

His song "Georgia Clay" is just one reason why Xavier Lewis has garnished so much attention. “Georgia Clay” takes a classic, soulful R&B vibe and infuses it with modern production elements that make it an infectious jam you can vibe to time and time again.

Please take a moment to check out Xavier Lewis' "Georgia Clay." Xaiver's performance charisma is undeniable.

The arrangement of "Georgia Clay" is led by layers of electric guitar and a funky moving bass that grooves tightly with electronic drums. Xavier’s outstanding soulful vocals lock in the track with simple catchy melodies and a smooth rhythmic flow that sticks with you. Xavier's sound brings on a classic and fresh funk, soul, and R & B sound that is missing in today's R & B music scene making him an artist to watch.

Taking the spotlight, Xavier makes sure to impress listeners with dazzling harmonies and skillful vocal riffs and ad-libs that give the record that classic R&B sound we all love. The drums help drive the energy from section to section through changes from little hi-hat to the speedy rolling 16th notes that pump energy into the chorus.

“Tell me why do I have to cry out / Tell me why should I even pray / Tell me why should I worry about anything / Tell me why should I lose my head / Tell me why do I have to cry out / ell me why should I even pray / Tell me would I think about trying it out when I could take to the Lord instead / Sweet Georgia, Georgia Georgia Clay.”

It is no surprise that Xavier Lewis has grabbed the attention of stars like Steve Harvey as there is no doubt that “Georgia Clay” is proof positive that Xavier Lewis is putting out some of the best independent music in today's R & B market. Add "Georgia Clay" to your playlist and join the next wave of hit R & B music.

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