• Bryon Harris

FIVES - 'Heart & Thunder'

FIVES is dynamic indie-pop-rock group hailing from Baltimore, MD with a chart-ready sound created by a lineup of five amazing artists: Marc Cashin, Lead Vocals; Matthew White, Keyboards; Nate Lanzino, Lead Guitar; Max Rosenstein, Bass; Billy Toti, Drums. Since the release of their debut EP, FIVES have been gaining national momentum performing to standing room only crowds at Austin's SXSW & Music Festival and opening for national touring acts such as O-Town and The Vespers. The EP 'Heart & Thunder' lives up to it's name as FIVES will take you by storm with meaningful songs and superior musicianship. Starting with the title track, "Heart & Thunder," it is immediately apparent that FIVES are not your run of the mill pop-rock band. Yes, this is pop music, but it is not ordinary; it is extraordinary. Each member of the band is an excellent musician/performer and together, they are spectacular. The song opens up with some catchy vocal harmonies then Marc sings the opening line,"Wait a minute...I swear I've seen you before." Marc has all the makings of a great front man. He is an awesome singer who possesses a clear and natural tone; his voice is smooth and passionate without being over-the-top making his singing easy to listen and relate to. The background vocals, "heart, heart, heart and thunder" enhance the overall flavor of the song. The composition is excellent and stays interesting from the first note to the last without relying on cliches. Kudos to Nate Lanzino for a tasteful guitar solo that fits perfectly for the song. Check out the video of Heart & Thunder. It's a great introduction to the bands talent and performance charisma.

"Lovers in Lullaby" is the fourth track on the EP. This song has a slightly more alternative vibe with with sophisticated melodic and percussive motifs throughout, held together by the tight rhythmic playing of Billy Toti and Max Rosenstein. "I see what's on your mind. You and me lovers in lullaby. Neon Lights burn out bright." There is a nice bridge that builds with intensity. Marc demonstrates his full range in the song hitting and holding some great high notes before the song settles back into the chorus. "Lovers in Lullaby" demonstrates the ability of the band to write and play outside the box; in "Lovers in Lullaby," FIVES show that they are a band to take very seriously.

Next up is "You Go On." It opens with very nice harmonic chordal work on the keys (by Matthew White) and some percussive beats that set up a soulful groove. The song is about finding your way back to someone. It is very catchy and memorable, definitely hit material. For an additional bonus, there is a 32-bar instrumental section that is a complete composition within itself; it builds, showcases a great guitar solo with melodic keys, and winds out with some perfectly placed drum rolls before leading us to the songs ending. Marc's vocal performance never fails; he has just the right sound for this genre.

The last song of mention is "I Gave Myself A Day (To Think About You). Changing up the pace, this song is a ballad with modern lyrics that listeners can definitely connect with. "I gave myself a day to think about you,to think about all the one night lies that we went through and I'm losing my mind and drinking tonight alone'cause instead of loving me you at the beach taking pictures of your feet with your phone" Like many of FIVES songs there is a great groove and moving solos, moments to say "wow" throughout. "I Gave Myself A Day (To Think About You) is an intimate and engaging song, "You keep on pulling me down. I keep falling somehow" that will draw audiences in.

In Heart & Thunder, FIVES were motivated to create a collection of songs that spoke to the complexities of love, the "heart" of emotion and the "thunder" of conflict and struggle found in the humanity of our relationships. FIVES achieved their vision of creating meaningful music and they achieved much, much more; Many bands can put out meaningful love songs, but not any band can do it with the musical genius that the FIVES have displayed in this EP and this will surely garnish respect from fans of all genres and lead them to very big things. Heart & Thunder can be purchase on iTunes. You can learn more about FIVES at their website.

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