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Luna Keller - 'We Are All Mad Here'

On the first day of summer, June 21, 2019, BWH Music Group released the sizzling hot summer compilation album, That Summer, Vol. 2, by Various Artists. The album offers 16 songs from internationally acclaimed and award-wining independent artists. Luna’s song "We Are All Mad Here” is one of the phenomenal songs featured on the album.

Luna states “We Are All Mad Here” is about "celebrating diversity. It doesn't matter where you come from, what you believe in, who you love, in which body you belong... because we are all mad anyway and that's ok. This is a very important message especially in these times where division and discrimination aren't seldom. And it's not about fighting against anyone. It's about erasing the line between "us and them" and being happy together. Because there's beauty in that, and it's wonderful to be surrounded by different colorful people.”

Inspired by characters in Alice in Wonderland, “We Are All Mad Here” sounds a bit quirky, fantastical, and out of this world. The music is off the beaten track, mesmerizing and full of life. Commencing with a kazoo-like horn that exuberantly plays a tuneful melody that gets stuck in your head long after you hear it, the track marches forward to a far away place that feels like a colorful carnival. There’s a nice groove and a swing that rolls off your hips. The vibe to “We Are All Mad Here” is one of joyful community.

Luna enters singing with an artistic vocal performance that is both sweet and confident, full of expression and charisma. Her vocals are pure and natural with a folk edge. Luna Keller is musically and lyrically wise beyond her 18 years as she offers up songs that challenge the way we think about society and the way we hear music. Wrapping social justice up in a song that makes you smile and feel happy is a challenge in itself and Luna pulls it off magnificently. Luna is a true artist which is the highest compliment a singer-songwriter and musician can receive.


About Luna Keller

18-year old Luna Keller grew up in a musical family. Her father plays piano, guitar and bass and her mother plays piano and sings. By age 8, Luna was singing in a choir and trying different instruments. Soon, she fell in love with the guitar and started writing her own songs. Today, Luna records in her home studio with her father and Uli Pfannmüller, a veteran music producer and engineer. Luna has collaborated with renowned musicians including Bruce White (Peter Gabriel, U2, Coldplay, Adele) who played viola on her debut single, "Sunset". Luna's two singles "Packing my Bags" and "Young Love" gained worldwide recognition and critical acclaim. In 2018, “Packing My Bags” was on the IMA nominated album That Summer, Volume 1 by BWH Music Group and it was also used in a Starbucks ad campaign! Luna is a Hollywood Songwriter Contest finalist, an American Songwriter Nominee for her single, "Black and Blue", and a Music City Songstar Finalistist for her song "Burning House." Currently, Luna has an upcoming EP titled Alice Is InLove With The Mad Hatter inspired by the book Alice in Wonderland. Luna hails from the sunny island of Tenerife.

For more information on Luna Keller, please visit her website.

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