• Bryon Harris

Natalie Jean - 'Red Room - The Remix'

Natalie Jean is an indie force who has garnished a record number of national and international awards and stage appearance. With over 32 worldwide nominations for her songs and far too many awards to list, here are just a few: Semi-finalist, International Songwriting Competition, nominated in the Washington Area Music Awards (Wammies) for Best World Recording and Best World Vocalist, Bronze Medal in the Global Music Awards in the Pop category, finalist in the World Wide Music Contest, and nominated for Best Female Vocalist in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. She is a five time nominee in Nashville’s 2016 Josie Music Awards and she even made it onto the Grammy ballot for her album ‘Natalie Jean.’ Natalie is a non-stop, prolific song-writer who is rising faster than fast, and her new single, "Red Room - The Remix," makes it clear that this is not just about her hard-work or luck - Natalie Jean is making a big splash because she has the talent and musicianship to propel her to the top.

"Red Room - The Remix" opens up with an incredible groove created by electronic melodic and percussive motifs. This sound will resonate with today's modern market, both nationally and internationally; it has a chart-ready, dance-floor ready hit sound. There are electronic effects throughout, created by producer Alexi Von Guggenberg, that keep the song very engaging. The track never becomes stale; instead it offers up a whole plate of musical, percussive and electronic themes and effects to move and groove to.

At the very beginning we here Natalie's voice, charged with electronic effects, as she sings "red room, red room." Natalie sets up the song's theme in the first verse,"Seeing you again, A chance encounter. It’s been a while, it’s been a while since our last conversation. You whisper hello, hello, hello, hello. Forgetting how we left things on the floor." Natalie sounds extraordinary; it is easy to hear that she is polished and at the top of her game. She sings with clarity and confidence - all done with ease - to create a relaxed, smooth vibe that listeners can lose themselves in.

"Red Room - The Remix" is about a chance encounter with someone who you dated in the past. Natalie sings, "Since our last conversation, you whisper hello, hello, hello, hello." Although this past lover is looking to reconnect, the lyrics make it clear that there will not be a reunion, "I've washed my hands of this." This is a song about moving on, strength and empowerment. The chorus reinforces the theme with a catchy melody and great flow, "Red room Red room. The walls are closing in on you. The walls are closing in on you. Red room Red room. I won’t be coming back to you. I won’t be coming back to you." The overall song composition is seamless.

Natalie Jean sings in French, Spanish, English and Creole. She offers up jazz, pop, R & B, Blues and dance. Is there anything she can't do? I doubt it. There is no question that Natalie Jean is poised to rise in international and national music markets; her songs and her achievements are just the beginning for this talented artist. Fans can purchase Red Room -The Remix at iTunes. For more information about Natalie Jean, visit her website.

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