• Bryon Harris

Nina Amelio - 'Faded Away'

Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, Pop artist Nina Amelio began her vocal training with award-winning Jazz singer Cheryl Hodge. Recently, Nina placed in the top 10 in the regional finals for CBC’s Searchlight Competition with her song ‘Who Do You Think You Are.’ The song’s empowering message about bullying resonated with fans around the world. She is also on international radio rotation in Canada, the US, UK, Italy, Australia, Slovenia, Spain and New Zealand and she is a featured artist on the award winning podcast, Women of Substance Radio. Her song “Savage Love” has over 400,000 plays on Soundcloud. Her success has led to licensing agreements and major mangement contracts. Recently, Nina won the SingerUniverse “Best Vocalist of The Month” Competition, for her single “Faded Away.” With songs like “Faded Away,” it is easy to hear why Nina is rising to the top.

Faded Away was co-written by Nina and Mark Zubek. The song opens with a gorgeous chord progression played on solo piano. From the very beginning, the song presents emotional depth. Nina’s entrance is stunning. She sings, “Here I am, crying out your name again, wishing you were here to touch my hand…” Her tone is pure, clear and confident. Nina possesses a powerful pop voice with amazing range; she can hit and hold those high notes with ease. With an expansive emotional pallet to draw from, Nina's singing is full of passion. She is a polished artist who knows how to utilize subtle dynamics to emphasize the changing moments of the song.

As the first verse progresses, the track begins to expand with electronic musical motifs, percussion and swelling dynamics for a full sounding foundation with a nice groove that sounds chart-ready. The intensity of the song builds all the way to the memorable chorus, “But you faded away without even saying goodbye. I know you must still love me, don’t you, don't you?Don't you ever ask why?” Nina adds in some nice background vocals and the sound is so full that it fills up every corner. After each chorus, the song settles back into the simple piano chords heard in the beginning, giving space for the story to build again. "Faded Away" ends as it began with a few simple chords and Nina singing, “Now I'm left here to cry.”

"Faded Away" has the universal theme of a love that never said goodbye, of missing someone during those rough moments and wishing they were there to comfort you. As you watch the video, the meaning of the song becomes clearer. "Faded Away" speaks to the struggle of saying goodbye to someone who has passed away. Nina captures her audience by giving every note everything she has without holding back. Enjoy these video clips of Nina’s engaging performance.

One thing is clear, Nina isn’t going to fade away anytime soon; in fact with hit songs like “Faded Away” and a powerful, confident and passionate voice to sing them, Nina’s success will continue shine on and light up the hearts and souls of fans worldwide. Taking her music to the next level, Nina is working on new music with hit songwriter/producer Mark Zubek (Grammy winner Betty Carter), owner and founder of the Candian label, Zedd Records. She is now under the wing of elite US based management company, Arrow Music Agency with an exclusive worldwide management deal. Nina's song is available for purchase on iTunes. To learn more about Nina, visit her website.

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