• Bryon Harris

BoyGoFast - 'Little Things'

BoyGoFast is four-piece, power-pop-rock, alternative band hailing from Albany, NY. Their sound combines both classic and alternative rock elements to create a unique music experience. The band features William Fredette - vox, rhythm guitar and keys ,Taylor MacMillan on lead guitar, Joe DeTillio on bass and vox and Nick Cavin, drums and vox. BoyGoFast has been playing the New York capital district for the past three years gaining a following while writing and recording. The band's newest album, 'Little Things' is their third release. 'Little Things' offers up 8 tracks that are far from little, displaying big talent.

'Little Things' opens with the song “Passing Sadness.” The song's introduction commences with a synth and guitar playing a melodic lick in unison then the drums and bass kick in and a steady jam sets up the first verse. William sings, “Did I mention your reward for riding with me through the storm, doesn’t seem real relevant, forgot a letter it already sent.” William's voice has a raw, raspy timbre to it which embodies elements of classic rock music and, when combined with the synth and more “pop” elements of the song, makes for an original combination of sounds. As the song reaches the chorus, a stronger rock edge is established. “Passing Sadness” is filled with memorable melodies, interesting harmonies, and surprising musical turns. It showcases the variety of influences BoyGoFast use in their music.

The next song on the album is “Say What You Like.” This uptempo song kicks up the energy in full gear. A guitar progression followed by the entrance of a fast paced drum beat, more layered guitars and bass will have you on your feet before the singing even starts. The percussion section of BoyGoFast (drums and bass) sound tight. In the second verse, William sings “I don’t care who you’re see’n. Where you’ve been or who you’ve been sleeping with. I hope that it’s been good.” The song tackles the theme of finding out certain truths about another person, after-the-fact. The chorus elaborates on this theme as he sings, “So say what you like, you know, you never told me about the way that we’d met,now strike the scene and reset it.”

The fourth track on the CD, and one of my favorites, is “Flowers” which switches things up. The song starts with a droning synth and great guitar lick that is soon joined by more synth playing, echoing and also in unison. The synth and lead guitar work very well together, both having a keen sense of musical phrasing. The rest of the band comes in completing a memorable arrangement that reoccurs throughout the song and will surely get stuck in your head. Not only is the arrangement of this song infectious but the group tops it off with a melodic, catchy chorus singing, “Stay the same, a victim of the game, pushed aside you're not really trying. Place the blame on anything that'll take,that's enough you're not really crying. There is a great moment when the song suddenly breaks and William sings, " But I didn't mean to excite you. Did you think you'd have something to say?"

The song, “Paper Doll” gets us back into a rocking groove as it kicks off with a funky guitar lick that the band slowly builds upon until they get into a nice rhythm. BoyGoFast has the ability to adapt their playing style to accommodate their many influences allowing them to constantly change up their sound in ways that keep their music highly engaging - there's never a dull moment with BoyGoFast. The song "When You are Lonely" also displays a rocking groove and thick wall of sound delving into those moments in the night when someone who is lonely calls you on the phone and a crying, tasteful guitar solo brings it all home.

Next up, the band slows things down with a softer ballad, “Between the Leaves.” The song opens up with a short picking acoustic guitar intro met by a rocking drum line, flourishes of electric guitar and a steady bass. This somber song is about the spark dying in a relationship and accepting that it is time to let things go. In the chorus he sings, “But I guess there must have been a point I lost the taste for you looking for a reason like a child in the forest. Verdant stretched out before us, brought me to my knees, between the leaves.” In “Between the Leaves” William shows great emotional strength in his vocal interpretation. The song is sung with great passion.

The band closes off the album with their anthem-like song, “Little Things,” which names the album. The song kicks off with an organ progression and the verse first starts immediately singing,“givin' up is good enough, well hell yeah that's the point, the taste left on your tongue is too familiar.” As he sings the verse the band builds upon the organ slowly bringing us into the chorus. The chorus of “Little Things” is reminiscent of classic pop-rock anthems and will undoubtedly stick with you and have you swaying to the music. This song is an excellent way to close off the album leaving a lasting impression of the band's raw talents in your musical memory.

The album, 'Little Things', is no little accomplishment - it is an epic project with a multitude of different styles and influences presented by artistic musicianship and great vocals. The band blends many style showing off an individualistic sound that is both new and nostalgic and always highly original. The album is easy to relate to with themes that explore the complexity of relationships. For information on the band, visit their Facebook page or Bandcamp.

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