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Evening Hallucinations - '95

Updated: Nov 10

Review by Abby Kenna

'95 opens with an immediately tangible atmosphere, setting the scene for the song instantly. Ominous chords ring out over ethereal vocals, whispering and whirling about the soundscape. Beneath the shifting haze of melodies, a deep synth bass adds an extra layer of tension. The bass fills the low end of the arrangement, further enlarging the space in which the song exists.

Evening Hallucinations builds on this sense of space even more as the vocals take center stage, laden with reverb. The chorus especially highlights this technique, with an entire choir of stacked vocals echoing throughout a cavernous expanse. Synth strings outline the scope of the melody, accentuating the chorus lyrics from the far corners of the mix:

“Tore out my brakes so you could ease up on the gas".

Through the ghostly nature of the production, Evening Hallucinations creates a melancholic, almost regretful feel in '95. There’s a tangible yearning in the way the chords shift yet never resolve, exemplifying the desperation discussed in the lyrics:

“I'm living lavish, it's tragic…”

The lyrics express the complex emotions behind not reaching your potential. The intensity derives from the act of boasting one's failures without apology. In a sense, this could be considered cathartic. We all fail and we can choose to embrace those failures, even with sarcasm, or hide behind them. Vocally, Evening Hallucinations has a radio-ready clear voice that shimmers above the track.

Despite the wistfulness within the arrangement, Evening Hallucinations cleverly keeps the song dynamic with the use of a pointed trap beat driving the music forward. Additionally, his vocals are thick with irony and cynicism, adding an element of striking power to the many contrasting layers in the track.

With a unique use of echoing space, eerie synths, and compelling vocals, Evening Hallucinations has crafted a song that completely envelopes listeners in an emotive experience.


About Evening Hallucinations

Calvin Squire (Evening Hallucinations) is a solo alternative singer, songwriter, and producer from the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania. His music spans a wide variety, dabbling in genres ranging from pop to ambient to electronic. For more information on Evening Hallucinations, please visit his website.


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