• Bryon Harris

Slightly Left of Centre - 'Euphoria'

‘Slightly Left of Centre (Adam Spicer and Michael Pace) have sold in excess of 80,000 units; they have also garnished 500,000 streams and over 100,000 downloads. This is type of following that most indie artists dream of. From the Table Tops Records roster, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Slightly Left of Center is right where we want them to be - not left, not right - but in the center of great music and great vibes. Their latest single “Euphoria” is an exciting, upbeat blast of fresh air in an environment that is too often filled with melancholy and self-indulged musings.

The sound that “Slightly Left of Centre” achieves comes from years of honing in their own studio production skills. Adam and Michael are not only songwriters, they are producers who have polished every detail of the audio, mixing and mastering the track. The track, which boasts a combination of instrumentals and electronic music, is fueled by the duo’s positive energy, charisma and fun vibe making it a go-to-single for getting your groove going, singing along to, blasting in your car, playing it at a party or just unwinding and chilling out. Add great pop vocals by Adam Spicer, in that coveted tenor range, and the contagious song is sure to spread.

In addition to great feel-good music and hot tracks, Slight Left of Centre engages fans with extremely entertaining videos that mix and match shots of their performance and animation with a great sense of humor.

In the chorus, Slightly Left of Centre sings "Because everything is fine/When you're hangin' out up on cloud nine/ It's the perfect formula/Living life in euphoria/I live my life in euphoria""and what they sing is true - Slightly Left of Centre does have the perfect formula: great tracks, bright vocals, lighthearted lyrics, a sense of humor and undeniable charisma. Join them in the musical bliss that is "Euphoria" and let the music take you away for awhile. For more information on Slightly Left of Centre, visit their website.

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