• Bryon Harris

Keasha Beard – ‘Soul Food’

Keasha is an optimistic hip-hop artist delivering a music experience you will want to hear for yourself. Breaking free of her past addiction and from utter darkness, Keasha heavily endorses love and peace in her music. She is on a mission to have her music impact the entire world through her stories and vulnerable truths. To introduce yourself to her sound, her project ‘Soul Food’ is a bountiful display of her ability to create meaningful songs.

The first song to give attention to off the album is the second track on the album, “Crush.” Opening with a wavy synth and energetic drum beat, the addictive beat is sure to grab your attention right from the start. After the brief intro she enters for the first verse as she raps about falling for someone showing off a killer flow and intelligent word-play. On top of her infectious sound on the verses, the chorus to this song is unbelievably catchy leaving a lasting impression of Keasha.

Following up is the song, “Crazy.” With a electric guitar fronted beat, a simple bass line, and steady beat, Keasha leads each line of the verses with, “I guess I’m crazy” and follows up with things that has done or fell for that she shouldn’t necessarily feel crazy for doing. The repetitive nature of the verses and transitions into the hooks make this song unforgettable with its radio-ready sound.

The track, “1 Track Mind,” is one of the most powerful songs on the album. Kicking of with an enticing synth progression, Keasha kicks of the song with poetic lines as she speaks, “I AM WOMAN/FLESH OF HIS FLESH/& BONE OF HIS BONES/FAR OF RUBIES/CLOTHES WITH SCARLET COLORED STRENGTH/TAPERED WITH PURPLE STAINED HONOR/I BREED LIFE. I AM WOMAN./AND I SHALL BE PRAISED,” before seamlessly transitioning into the first verse. She goes on talking her experiences with men and how they only focused on look, how they have a “1 Track Mind.”

Hyping things up after this more serious track is “Use It.” The track beings with a stellar introduction with an intense piano arrangement that is joined by a choir. As the bass drops, the arrangement changes to a high-energy hip-hop beat and Keasha enters with, “I got a brain full of knowledge and I promise that I know how to use it/yeah I know how to use it/I got a mind that is focused on the grind and I know how to use it/Yeah I know how to use it.” This fun, up-beat track shows a different side of Keasha and adds to the list tracks you will love on ‘Soul Food.’

Keasha kills it on the sweet ballad, “I’m Yours,” kicking off with the hook singing, “IM YOURS, IM YOURS, IM YOURS- ALL YOURS (2X)/AND NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE ME, NO/SAID NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE ME CAUSE…” On the verses she sports a smoother flow before breaking back into singing in the prechorus creating a nice build up into the chorus. This more sultry love is a nice change of pace from Keasha’s making it a notable addition to the line-up.

On “My City Reigns” featuring Rell Be Free and Mac Watters, Keasha and the others spit boastful verses hyping up their cities and their prowess as rappers. This track has a solid groove that will get you moving, especially when the hook is playing, you can’t help but to jam along saying, “Put a crown on my town cause my city it reigns/Reigns, yeah my city it reigns/Hold it down in the sound yeah my city it reigns.” With solid features from Rell and Mac, this track will have you feeling pumped, easily making it a highlight of the album.

Keasha keeps the inspirational vibes going on the next track “Make it Count.” In this jam, she sings and raps about making the most out of your life and making sure to do the things you love. This track has a nice progression starting off as a more laid-back piano fronted beat that gradually builds into an energetic synth-powered force. “Make it Count” is a compelling track that will keep you engaged from start to finish.

Lastly, I’d like to put some spotlight on the track “Dance.” On this track, Keasha takes a break from the grind to show us that she sometimes just wanted to have a good time and dance. This up-tempo track compels you to just as its titled, dance! The simple, electronic-influenced beat combined with the pop-style hook gives off a club vibe that anybody can get moving too.

‘Soul Food’ is a great way to introduce yourself to Keasha’s sound featuring a total of 12 tracks that are easy to fall in love with. Keasha displays a high level of determination and skill that is sure to push her towards the path of success. Her album is available for purchase on iTunes. Also be sure to check out her Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and personal website for more updates.

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