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Erich Mrak - 'Fake It'

On the first day of summer, June 21, 2019, BWH Music Group released the sizzling hot summer compilation album, 'That Summer, Vol. 2, by Various Artists.' The album offers 16 songs from internationally acclaimed and award-wining independent artists. Erich Mrak's song "Fake It" is one of the phenomenal songs featured on the album.

Erich states that the inspiration behind “Fake It” comes from "the anxiety associated with difficult, toxic relationships, in combination with balancing two separate professions, one as a cook, the other as a musician."

"Fake It" combines electronic synth sensibilities and slick hip-hop elements for a track that is sure to captivate you. As synth ambiance swirls and pulses behind a backdrop of solemn chords and crisp beats, a head bobbing groove is established. When the beat fully drops - you get lost in the sound. This is the kind of groove that has a slow and steady grind, but it's also emotionally intense and driven. The production on "Fake It" is remarkable.

When Erich sings, he combines smooth rap with a casual flow to create a vocal experience that sits perfectly above the mix and sounds extremely natural. He has a nice tenor tone that is chill and comfortable as he stylistically flips the lines. "I’m close to the edge of my seat. Like the edge is a cliff as I dangle my feet I’m thinking of falling but it’s not what I need. Gotta come back to centre - take a minute to breathe."

Lyrically, Erich lays it on the line, revealing intimate details with a subdued inner strength. "Tryna stay on my toes, but every time I reflect - I feel I’m breaking my bones, ‘Cause I choose to stay - every night has it's moments, but I pay the price because my time is stolen." In "Fake It", Erich isn't afraid to hit a nerve. The up-front-and-personal look into a world where musicians have to work day jobs and what that feels like - to be an artist who doesn't have the time to fully pursue his craft - is uncovered. At the same time, the raw story is baked in tasteful production that makes the entire experience smooth and mesmerizing. The strong hook will stay with you for days, "Here today, tomorrow I might not make it . And when I wake, Tomorrow I’m gonna fake it."

A track produced down to the smallest refinements, lyrics that are meaningful and lasting, vocals that are chill, yet intense - that's something an artist could never fake; there's no faking true art - "Here today" and tomorrow, Erich Mrak's talent and song-craftsmanship is a very real accomplishment. "Fake It" is as authentic as it gets.


About Erich Mrak:

Erich Mrak was born in Ottawa, Canada and is based in Toronto. His influences come from personal experience. His songs are composed over pop and hip-hop production offering an experimental combination of the two genres. Being featured in several notable publications (Earmilk, Paste Magazine, and GooiusicAllDay), Erich continues to display his strength as a writer, penning songs that are relatable, with message.

For more information on Erich Mrak, please visit his website.

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