• Bryon Harris

Bad Love Junkie – ‘In A Place Called Nowhere’

Bad Love Junkie is an alternative singer/songwriter with a strong passion for creating music. What is the best way to learn about them? Listen to their music. Bad Love Junkie tells the story of their life through song, the ups and downs, the in-between, its all there. From country, to folk, to pop, Bad Love Junkie embraces and does it all. Bad Love Junkie only writes music from the heart, keeping the writing process natural and never forced. To introduce yourself to their music and their story, check out their project, ‘In A Place Called Nowhere.’

Kicking off the album, is the emotional ballad, “Wonderful.” With a simple piano arrangement, Eric’s voice takes the spotlight on the track through soft, soothing melodies through his emotive vocal tone. With hair-raising falsetto sections, Eric displays compelling vocals. As the track progresses, the arrangement builds with additional string sections and vocal harmonies. The peaceful aura and gentle build throughout “Wonderful,” make it easy listening and a good introduction to the album.

Following up is “All That You Are.” This song features accompaniment from melodic acoustic guitar. His raw, passionate vocals give the song a live feel as he enters singing, “Old man with the shaky hands/I’ve seen you before/Now you’re back again knocking on my door.” The melodies in the chorus are beautiful and engaging, making sure that this track will stay with you. Ending with a killer guitar solo, “All That You Are,” is a mesmerizing track that tells a somber story.

“Back On Drugs” picks up the pace with a more energetic instrumental arrangement of electric guitar, percussion and bass. Eric unleashes his inner rocker showing off an edgier, more powerful aspect of his voice. From more coherent sections, to hectic distorted guitar fronted instrumental sections, “Back On Drugs” provides a change in mood from the previous two tracks that allows it to stand out in the album as it displays different influences of Bad Love Junkie’s music.

The next song to give notice to is “Saint Vincent’s Bell.” This song takes a similar vocal forward mix of the starting tracks of the album and bolsters is with a fuller arrangement. Keeping lower energy throughout most of the song, at the end, Eric’s vocals take off with raspy belting backed by accents of vocal harmonies. The synth fueled track with pop-esque influences and epic vocal build is sure to make this track a fan favorite.

In his song “In The Moment (Water In A Well)” Bad Love Junkie will win you over with this heartfelt chorus. The falsetto driven melodies create a stark contrast as the instrumentals build up and he enters singing, “Here in this moment I tried to hold on,” creating a stunning moment in the song. “In The Moment (Water In A Well) is one of the more memorable ballads off of the album with unforgettable vocal memorable that will stick with you long after you first hear the track.

“One Last Cigarette” is an epic rock ballad featuring high-energy sections with wailing guitar solos accompanied by slower, melancholy vocal sections showcasing Eric’s emotive lower range layered with higher octave vocals making for a pleasing effect. The multiple high-energy solo sections keep this song captivating from start to finish.

“Birdman” is one of the most interesting tracks on the album. Its unique instrumental arrangement makes it stand out on this album kicking off with a piano progression that is soon joined by light percussion and an entrancing monotone synth sequence. The shining moment of the song is definitely its chorus as he sings, “It’s a lonely day /A lonely night /A lonely cause /A lonely fight /It’s a lonely day /A lonely night /A lonely cause /A lonely life /It’s a lonely day /A lonely night /A lonely cause /A lonely world /With no Lois Lane to love you,” through powerful, memorable vocals with a pop sensibility making this a song off the album anybody could fall in love with.

The album finishes up with the title track “In A Place Called Nowhere.” The song starts off with lower energy, featuring a soothing acoustic guitar progression accompanied by the soft, whispering vocals of Eric. The song builds upon these vibes with additional instrumentation until the song changes pace about halfway through the song transitioning as he sings, “In a place called nowhere/no one has questions/ they mind their own business things stay the same.” Eventually the song picks up into a rocking jam in an exciting progression fit for the final track of the album.

‘In A Place Called Nowhere’ features a set list of heartfelt ballads with hints of high energy rock that keep the album moving at a solid pace. Featuring a plethora of influences ranging from pop, rock, and country, Bad Love Junkie creates moving tracks through his easy-on-the-ears vocals that everybody can find something to enjoy. His music is available for fans via iTunes, Googleplay, CDBaby, and Amazon. For more information on Bad Love junkie, visit their website.

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