• Bryon Harris

Queen County Roots - 'No Words For It'

Queen County Roots is a regional band with all the makings of a first-rate national act. The band features members Jesse Maxwell, lead vocals; Marlon Hurt, guitar and vocals; Hope Johnson, keyboards and vocals; Alex Fedorow, bass; and Chris Glover is on drums. As the story goes, Marlon grew up in Atlanta, Georgia playing the blues while Alex grew up near Queens, NY, where he got into dance music. Queens County Roots is the combination of Marlon’s blues roots and Alex’s early dance groove influences. But to put Queen County Roots into a blues-dance genre doesn’t give the band full credit for– this band has a universal sound that will appeal to fans of rock, indie rock, alternative rock, blues and pop because they have mass appeal. Take a listen to their new single “No Words For It” and you will hear what I mean.

“No Words For It” commences with a bluesy, soulful sound that is exuberant. The melody is so catchy that it sounds like an old friend. There is a tender, nostalgic feel that makes this song completely timeless. It would be a hit single in any year. It’s universal lyrics, finger snapping groove, and strong hook make it a song that stays with you long after you’ve heard it. Opening with jazzy percussion and a guitar solo that melts your soul, “No Words For it” commences with the contagious, very well-written chorus. (Go on and say it) There’s no other way to say it (Why don’t you say it?) So maybe we shouldn’t say it (Go on and say it) What good would it do it say it? (Why don’t you say it?) When words just cannot explain it?” Musically this group is tight as hell – they change up tempos with precision drums and driving bass while the guitar weaves its way in and out with tastey, bluesy, solos that dig into the music and find all the sweet spots. The lead singer has an FM radio-ready indie-rock tone which is the icing on the cake.

At some point, all of us have experienced a relationship where we left things unsaid. In hindsight, we wonder if it would have made a difference if we communicated our feelings. Words don’t always come easy and that’s why we have music! What I love about this song is that it doesn’t wallow in regret or bitterness; instead it has the cool and collecitve vibe of someone who is self-reflective and okay with things not always working out which gives the song an upbeat flavor that is fun to listen to. “Or do we not want to know what’s real, what’s for show? Do we choose to let it go and hope that it stays?”

BWH Music Group is excited about this band and we hear a lot of bands. Queen County Roots is one of 2019’s “IT” bands - they have the swagger and sound. It’s time for to go national and put this band in the spotlight. Festivals, labels and management – take note.

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