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Milan Credle – ‘Summer Prayers’

Milan Credle is an ambitious Hip-Hop/Soul/R&B artist out of Lancaster, PA. Milan hopes to inspire others with his music, always delivering influential messages with each song. He is getting ready for his debut album which is to be expected in the late spring. Recently, Milan re-released his song “Summer Prayers” which was coproduced by D/errick Beats and Klaudellsh Larieux.

“Summer Prayers” kicks off with an introduction featuring layers of ambient, melodic guitar phrases as Milan hums soulfully, his voice pans back and forth. As the production gradually increases in volume, the addition of light percussion sets a soothing groove as the song progresses into the verse. With the entrance of kick and bass, Milan enters on the hook singing, “The sun will rise tomorrow /As more of my people dropping to the ground/As the heat rises/Cold bodies fallen to the floor,” shifting between singing and rapping each line blending perfectly with the mellow vibes of the production as he delivers a powerful message through his lyrics.

In “Summer Prayers,” Milan sheds light on the injustices against the African American community by not only law enforcement but also through the black on black violence that occurs. In the first verse, Milan shows off his stellar vocals through poetic lyrics that paint a vivid picture of said violence as he pleads for people to make a change. As the song progresses, the beat shifts key as Milan breaks into a rapping verse that shows off his skills as a dynamic lyricist. With clever word play, a vocal tone that soothes the ears, and a heartfelt message listeners undoubtedly connect with.

Milan is a gifted lyricist and musician with the ability to write meaningful music that can deliver a powerful message through sonically pleasing phrases that will stay with you. “Summer Prayers,” is just one inspirational song of Milan’s that will have you excited for his upcoming releases. Fans can purchase his music via Amazon. For more information on Milan, please visit his website.

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