• Bryon Harris

Zaxai – ‘Find Me Here’

Zaxai (pronounced Zah-K-eye) is an eclectic soul/pop artist out of Brooklyn with a diverse musical background that includes rock, pop, soul, r&b, gospel, and classical. Zaxai is multi-talented, being a singer, songwriter, producer, acoustic guitarist and beat boxer are just a few of his expertise. Zaxai believes that music is a universal language that can bring people together. At the age of 18, Zaxai was traveling the U.S. singing professionally. Being exposed to the ins and outs of the industry, Zaxai was ready to begin his solo career. His song, “Find Me Here” from his project ‘Too Far Gone’ is a great way to introduce yourself to his top-notch sound.

The song kicks off with a melodic acoustic guitar progression accompanied by pristine falsetto vocalizes from Zaxai making for a gripping introduction. Transitioning into the first verse, Zaxai sings, “8 hours is keeping us apart. /Curse the miles between our spaces. /Truth is without you, life is dark/& You're the light, my hearts been chasin,” showing off his immaculate vocal tone that listeners will swoon over right from the first note sung. Shifting into the pre-chorus, the arrangement beings to build with the addition of bass and additional production creating a compelling build into the chorus.

“Find Me Here” is all about hope and love. It is for those who are fighting for the ones they love, and a reminder to those in love to not let go. With an explosion in energy, Zaxai enters in the chorus exclaiming, “So find me here/Take that flight, a leap of faith and /Join me here! /Don't deny what's deep inside,” as he woos listeners with with lush falsetto and unforgettable melodies making this everything you want in a chorus.

Zaxai is an undeniably talented musician that clearly has the potential to leave his own mark in the music scene. With songs like “Find Me Here” there would be no surprise to see Zaxai’s music blow up. His music is available via Spotify as well as iTunes and Google Play. Make sure to keep up with Zaxai and follow him on Instagram!

Check out the teaser video for his upcoming song "Love U 2 the Moon & Back"

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