• Bryon Harris

Cancion Franklin – ‘True As Time Allows’

Cancion Franklin is a roots musician/songwriter based out of New York City. His musical journey began when he was a child in Tucson, Arizona and heard blues for the first time. Moving to New Jersey in 2010 to attend college, he immediately immersed himself in the musical epicenter that is New York City where he began his grind as a musician playing out at every opportunity. All of the hard work paid off. Now, Cancion fronts his trio, “Cancion and the Family Band,” with Teddy Motz (bass) and Ahmed Medley Shabazz (drums) receiving radio play around the world. Their recently released debut EP, ‘True as Time Allows’ gives listeners a perfect mix of tunes to display their sound.

The first song off the EP is “Crown of Rage.” Light acoustic driven melodies are accompanied by soft percussion and bass creating a relaxing introduction before the entrance of the vocals. As they enter singing, “Gentle, turns the page /of time across the plain /tell it to the riders on the /Mercy County Line /things don't go that way,” Cancion’s voice will lull listeners with his relaxed tone and personal feel. His poetic lyrics leave a lasting impression, each word striking through a clear mix that is radio ready. Backed by enticing instrumentals, this song will have listeners entranced from start to finish making it a strong start for the EP.

The next song, “Highwayman,” bumps up the energy with an electric guitar fueled groove and a soulful timbre on his vocals making this a track you won’t forget. Featuring compelling instrumental sections between choruses, Cancion Franklin and The Family Band show that they know how to craft engaging musical phrases that draw the listener in. Accents of keen electric guitar riffs and drum fills make for an arrangement that listeners will not forget in “Highwayman.”

With his song “Back to Texas,” Cancion changes up the feel with a killer rocking vibe. The intro kicks off with a chugging bass line soon met by melodic electric lines. They progressively build in energy as hits from percussion add to the suspense. Not before long, they full arrangement breaks in creating a riveting arrangement before the vocals enter. “Back to Texas” is sure to grab listeners attention with stellar electric guitar solos as it provides a unique addition to the EP line up.

Ending the EP with “What is High,” Cancion from his folk roots. Jumping right in,

twangy guitar riffs lead us into the first verse as Cancion sings, “People Say, in every age/that somehow, some way/follow your dreams at any wage/but when I roll the dice,/I always get the same,” in a storytelling manner. The relatable lyrics will easily connect to listeners making this a song that you’ll always be able to put on and sink into the uplifting, bouncy arrangement. Supplemented by solo instrumental sections, “What is High” is yet another killer addition to the EP.

Cancion Franklin and The Family Band provide four uniquely unforgettable tracks that showcase their dynamic songwriting abilities lyrically, melodically, and instrumentally. Their music is available for fans via iTunes. For more information on Cancion Franklin, make sure to visit his website.

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