• Bryon Harris

Stephen Voyce – “Summer Lust”

“Summer Lust,” a new, fun single from Stephen Voyce, is perfect for kicking off your steamy summer. Right from the start, you are taken over by a great beat and a syncopated guitar track. The great production lays out an infectious groove that you won’t be able to help but swing your hips to. It only gets better as the song progresses.

Once Voyce shows off his vocals, he seals the deal for a memorable summer jam that anyone can vibe with. Exchanging between his lower and higher registers, his vocals are smooth as silk.

Check it out his hot video of "Summer Lust."

Voyce is all about making listeners feel something with his music. After emerging from a darker point in his life, Voyce was feeling happy, in love with life, and he wanted to share those feelings with the world. “Do you think that this can be more than a fantasy/If I come will you hold on or will you run from me/Do you dream about the things that I can do to you/Cause I will do to you/Whatever you want me to.” He undoubtedly shows off a romantic and sexy side in the song as well as a completely confident and alluring presence. There is just no avoiding the contagious, up-beat and hot vibes that this song gives off!

Stephen Voyce is a passionate artist who live by the basic idea that if you believe in something, you need to stand by it in your words and actions. With a large, growing fan base, multiple awards and nominations and music topping the charts, Voyce is proving his passion every day.

Stephen Voyce’s newest jam, “Summer Lust” will have you lusting (musically speaking that is) for more songs from this dynamic artist. "Summer Lust" is available for purchase on iTunes. For more information on Voyce, check out his website.

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