• Bryon Harris

Hermetic Seals – Like Home EP

Hermetic Seals debut EP, ‘Like Home,’ is six tracks of unapologetic Indie pop. Through each track, Hermetic Seals tells a unique reminiscent story, or draws upon deep emotion to create a nostalgic sound. Starting off the EP with “Things You Do,” he tells a touching love story through a dynamic track that will keep listeners engaged from start to finish with its compelling instrumental progression. This track made for a strong start to the EP, showing off a range of his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, making listeners excited for the next track.

‘Like Home’ features a plethora of raw, emotive tracks giving the EP an up-close and personal feeling. This EP is the perfect debut showing listeners a wide range of Hermetic Seals songwriting capabilities. One of the most exciting tracks of the EP is his song, “InvisibleMan.” Featuring killer melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head alongside jamming instrumentals make this tune one you won’t want to miss out on. The song is also featured with an animated presentation helping to displaying the emotions conveyed in the song.

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Hermetic Seals is the musical project of Richard Fronapfel. He drew influences from of 70’s AM radio shows, college radio hits of the 80’s, and a blend of Rock, Pop, Soul and Funk. All of these influences came into play once he decided to move away from doing covers of the music he loved, and began to share his stories and emotions with the world.

From quick instrumental tracks like “Caliente,” to compelling, emotional songs like “Impossible,” Hermetic Seals ‘Like Home’ EP has something that everyone can relate to. The EP is available on iTunes. For more information on Hermetic Seals, make sure to check out their website!

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