• Bryon Harris

Juliana Hale – Small Talk EP

Juliana Hale is a pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, bass, ukulele and flute) who has been on a journey to achieve her dreams since childhood. As early as eight, she had a guitar in her hands and was singing and performing. Recognizing her passion and drive, her family relocated from California to the songwriting capital of the U.S-Nashville. Then in 2013, after releasing her first EP, ‘Dance in the Rain’, Hale was unexpectedly hit with a chronic intestinal disorder, but sometimes roadblocks happen for a reason. During this period, Juliana wrote over 250 songs developing an extensive and impressive song catalog. Today, Hale has over 1,000 songs to her credit. Her sickness eventually ended in surgery and she returned to the studio for her second EP, TIME. In early February, Julianna performed at the Leather & Laces Super Bowl pre-party hosted by Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy, performing alongside Flo Rida, Brandi Cyrus, and DJ Automatic. In January, she released a new single, “Overrated” produced by Grammy Award-winner Skidd Mills as well as Independent Music Award winner Billy Dawson. Co-written with Noah Henson (producer of Kane Brown’s debut EP, Closer / Christian rock band Pillar), the danceable song is based on her heartbreaking personal experience. “Overrated” is just one of 4 sensational songs off her new EP ‘Small Talk’.

The EP opens with “Anthem”. As the song starts, listeners are immediately moved by Juliana’s vocal tenderness, emotional expression and character. “Sometimes life doesn't feel just right Plans fall through, money is tight. You feel stuck in this crowded town. Paving a new road just to get out.”

The intro bursts out from a simple piano structure into a full-scale pop song that marches forward with a big, catchy chorus. Anthem is an inspirational song about good people who just have a bit of bad luck. It is followed by the title track “Small Talk” which showcases Juliana’s superior rhythmic sensibilities with percussive cleverness. The lyrics to “Small Talk” roll out on Juliana’s tongue and you find yourself mesmerized.

Up next is the third track “Overrated.” Loaded with cool vocal effects that pull you in and put you straight into club mode, “Overrated” is enthralling. Juliana delivers with a rich vocal performance and and a great video. Check it out here:

Ending the EP is the very memorable “Mannequin” which is about being yourself, coming out of your skin and finding out what you are truly made of. “I won’t give in. I want to live. This plastic heart is coming to life. It’s time to jump out of this skin. I’m not a mannequin.” The songs musical landscape has an orchestral effect filled with short, percussive melodic arpeggios that is very effective. Juliana’s artistic pallet shines in Mannequi from the musical landscape to the meaningful lyrics, Mannequin proves that Juliana’s music is not plastic or cookie-cutter.

Juliana’s journey is all part of the master plan to bring this star’s awesome music to the masses. Her EP ‘Small Talk’ is filled with big moments that show why Juliana is a song-writer, singer and performer with tremendous substance and appeal.

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