• Bryon Harris

K-Syran - 'Shake That Booty (StoneBridge Remix)

Electronic Dance Music also known as EDM or simply club music has seen a big upsurge in Europe, the U.S. and Australia. Joining the ranks is Norwegian’s K-Syran who has made her way into the global EDM market. No doubt that K-Syran's collaboration with internationally renowned Swedish producer StoneBridge was a great move putting "Shake That Booty" onto the map where it will surely travel around the world. StoneBridge’s recent creds include remixes for Arian Grandes “No Tears Left To Cry”, Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull “Move to Miami” and Pink’s “Beautiful Trauma” to name a few. With StoneBridge’s killer remix and K-Syran’s shimmering vocals, “Shake That Booty” is a hit.

“Shake That Booty” sizzles and shimmers like light bouncing off 100 disco balls in the club. The track is purely synthetic commencing with a simple drum bass beat that progresses to mesmerizing synth chord sequences with swirly melodic add-ins. The track never drives to hard. Instead it builds up nicely creating just the right tension. There is a definite nod to Madonna in the soundscape which is delightful and will be well-received. K-Syrans vocals enter with a soft dynamic edge. This singer can go from a whisper to a high note without ever belting it or breaking a sweat. Her vocal control is what makes the song shimmer on top of the mix light light on the water.

“Shake That Booty” isn’t just about grinding on the dance floor. Have you ever been so attracted to someone's moves that you can't keep your eyes off them? Or have you ever been tangled up in the dance of love and desire? K-Sryan describes that terrifying feeling of losing yourself someone's magic. The lyrics start with “all those things you told me were a lie.” Later, she gets bolder and sings, “Feeling spread from stomach to chest. You’re my sex, my ultimate desire” and “all the silences the tension rise between us…really makes me want to scream.” It seems as though there are times when someone's sex appeal are so strong, you forget about the rest and that makes you want to scream.

Love, desire, excitement, energy, losing yourself and letting all the tension go - Isn’t this what EDM is all about? Isn’t this why we go to the clubs, have a few drinks, and get out on the floor? If an EDM song can bring us to this feeling then it makes a mark. “Shake That Booty” makes that mark. It lures you onto the floor with its teasing intro beats and synth and keeps you there with smooth, sexy and soft vocals.

For more information about K-Syran, please visit her website. And for a fun video experience, visit K-Sryan on Youtube.

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