• Bryon Harris

Fareed - ' Urban Tek Volume 2-El Boricua Arabe' and 'Funk-T-Fide'

Hailing form Hells Kitchen, NY, Fareed also known as El Boricua Arabe & El Boricua De la Bachata has been a music industry maker for 30 years. He is a recording artist, rapper, singer-songwriter and spoken word poet. Fareed has been a member of numerous impressive collaborations and groups including Spirit Matter and Future Force. He has opened at world famous venues like the Roxy Night Club for the legendary Cold Crush Brothers. He has been signed to prestigious record labels like Tropical Heat and has been on major radio rotation like Power 96FM Miami. He has put out music that became classic hits like Crimes of Passion, the classic dance music hit of the 80’s, and the hit merengue track and music video titled Bailando en la Playa. He followed up with a Bachata remake of In The Air Tonight and a Latin production titled Profundo. Averse in many genres, he then switched to Urban Pop with Urban Tek Volume One & Urban Tek Volume 2-El Boricua Arabe 2017-2018. On January 1, 2019 Fareed El Boricua Arabe is back in the game in a big way with the Pop dance Funk track titled Funk-T-Fide inspired by James Brown & Bruno Mars. A new voice in the world of Pop, his latest EP, Urban Tek Volume 2-El Boricua Arabe, is sensational.

The EP opens with “Ain't No Sunshine- Licensed remake El Sahara (Latin Trap Version)”. Right away, the track is well-produced and very smooth. Electric guitar leads grace the intro like flowing water. A syncopated jam commences that is light, percussive and addictive – the track is made to move your body and soul. Fareed commences the Bill Wither’s classic with vocals that perfectly match in a tenor range. This song sounds like a hit and could chart. The jam sparkles with raspy Latin rap.

“El Sahara” is up next. This s a love song set against electronic ambiance that starts out light. Fareed sings, “This love we share is forbidden, therefore it must remain hidden.” The chorus is extremely catchy. “The Sahara, The Sahara, where we fell into love’s embrace. The Sahara, The Sahara, and I still want to see your face. In the dessert you became my my world, The Sahara, The Sahars, my love, my Arabian girl”. The song oscillates between smooth electronic ambience and a popping jam laced with rap and falsetto vocals that Fareed nails.

Track three, “Around the Way Love” has nice heavy bass, Latin rhythms and a funky beat. This song will get your hips moving as you get lost in the groove and Fareed’s signature smooth vocals. “It was a lovely lovely love when we were young, we had so much fun”. The song is a feel-good contagious story about a boy and girl falling in love about how it feels to be young and in love.

Another favorite is “Muevelo” which translates to “Move It”. It starts out smooth and rich then opens into a popping Latin jam sung in Spanish. Easy to sing a-long-with with catchy melodic content and a very strong hook, “Muevelo” showcases Fareed's wide range of talent.

Last, but not least, Fareed has a new single out titled “Funk-T-Fide” that could well be his next classic hit. The song starts with “Boom, Boom, Boom, Butta, Butta, Butta” as he sings about a woman walking down the street. “She got a lotta junk in her trunk Baby's got back so you can feel the funk. She's Funk-T-Fide.” “Funk-T-Fide” has elements of old-school R & B and funk with a strong beat and nicely done horns. In this song, “The whole wide world is Funk-T-fide”. Fareed takes the spotlight bringing all his talents together in one single that has universal appeal with a new catch-phrase ,"funk-t-fide" is contagious.

With excellent electronic production, smooth vocals, and trap rap done to perfection, Fareed takes listeners into a realm that is familiar and new. Each track has it's own catchy hook that will get stuck in your head and get your groove on.

Fareed has returned in a big way. To learn more about Fareed, visit his website.

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